AJ Feuerman


AJ Feuerman – @amandajoy

Manager, Digital PR & Social Communities, AEG Live

What’s your role on SMCLA’s board and what does that involve?

I’m currently working with the lovely Kat Calbes on the Venues team. We work together with event chairs, the Sponsors team and the Programs team members to make sure any venue we book for an event is equipped with everything we need and that, day of, everything runs fluidly.

Describe your day job.

I am an online advocate for all things AEG Live, which includes social media strategy, writing editorial, community outreach, promotions, blogger outreach, and so forth.

Describe your career.

I’ve worked in PR for over six years at Crown Media Family Networks, Millennium Entertainment and a digital agency called Think Jam.

I got involved with SMCLA because…

Serena and Chris approached me with some really embarrassing, gritty photos, and I felt I had no choice but to submit. Plus, there’s often free pie.

(In all seriousness, I’ve just always admired the work SMCLA does and I begged them on my knees to let me help out. Then, I nominated myself for board via the form and next thing I knew, poof!)

What was the first social network you joined? 



LA hangout? The Grove, Starbucks, anywhere there’s pie

Brunch spot? Cliff’s Edge

LA sports team? Kings

Charity? You Can Play, The Alzheimer’s Association

Movie about LA? “LA Story,” “Troop Beverly Hills”

Blogs? Jessica Gottlieb, Shop Eat Sleep, What I Run Into, The PR Lifestyle and Hollywood Assistants Tumblrs, The Curvy Fashionista, Hipstercrite, Jennsylvania, Thug Kitchen… There are too many. And not enough hours in the day.

Social media channel? Twitter. This month.

Where can we find you?

Twitter handle: http://twitter.com/amandajoy

LinkedIn URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ajfeuerman

Facebook URL: http://fb.com/Confessionsofafatgirl

Blog: http://www.confessionsofafatgirl.net

Tumblr: http://2manycats.tumblr.com