Kat C. Jacob

Kat C. Jacob – @katcalbes

Kat C. Jacob – Venues; Events


Chris here. I asked our Board members a few questions for their bio. Stay tuned for a ‘professional’ bio.

  • Name, Twitter handle, website, main SMCLA committee: Kat C. Jacob, @katcalbes, http://about.me/katjacob, Venues & Events
  • What you do: Social Media & PR Director at BlackboardEats.com / PR Consultant; former Social Media Director/Account Supervisor at Blaze Public Relations and Marketing Specialist for Contiki Holidays.
  • Favorite social media tool and why: My favorite social media tool is probably Posterous Spaces, though I’m just getting started on Pinterest. I love how both are polished platforms that make sharing info easy and enjoyable.
  • Offline hobby/ies: Addicted to karaoke, beach volleyball and good food (fresh guacamole is the way to my heart).
  • Avengers or Justice League? Avengers all the way!