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What you do:
I help transform and grow businesses by providing consulting and outsourced management of digital strategy, planning, development and production.

Steven Swimmer is a pioneering web and digital media strategist who’s worked full time in the field since 1995.  He consults through his agency Swimmer Media, providing services for businesses which have included an international telecom, an art gallery, a tech start-up and other professional sites. Previously he was Director of Online Content at Fox Broadcasting where marketed prime-time television for the top tv network at the time.  He work for many years at the Getty helping to grow it’s web and digital footprint from a few dozen pages to a top-tier cultural website, providing access to deep content about thousands of works of art, specialty content about art conservation, art history, research and access to hundreds of thousands of data records. Prior to digital media, Swimmer was a independent film and video producer.  He has a BA in Philosophy from UCLA and an MFA in Cinema/Television Production from USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Favorite social media tools and why:
I don’t have a favorite. I think most tools are immature at the moment so I usually develop a requirements matrix to find the most suitable tool for the company.  That said, for smaller companies I like Postling, Hootsuite, Gremln, Seesmic and Sprout.

Offline hobbies:
On random Friday nights you may find Swimmer doing Standup comedy at the Comedy Store, main stage or another comedy hot-spot ( Otherwise you may see his photography & digital art (, represented at, or you’ll find him rocking-out to some live music of one of his pro-musician friends.

Avengers or Justice League?
Reminds me when Ringo was asked, “Are you a ‘mod’ or a ‘rocker’?”  to which Ringo said, “No, I’m a mocker.”

Favorite Brand Using Social Media well?
I just looked at my Facebook pages feed and realized that it’s almost all music, arts and tech magazine feeds.  What does that say about me?  I find most brands are boring on social media, because they talk too much about their products and hardly listen.  I’d have to really love a brand to follow-it or the brand would have to grab my attention. I like brands that do exciting things “in real life” that also play-out in social –Red Bull is a good example. I like when brands integrate social across their entire business, like Zappos has done.  I like how Directv responds to customers through social channels.  I liked when Skittles replaced their website with a Twitter feed (and now a clever socially activated site) because really, why would you need to go to the Skittles website?