Live from Las Vegas: Startup Debut at CES 2013

I’m at in Las Vegas for CES and NMX and my first evening I attended Startup Debut, where I got to meet a number of great start-ups, many of which would be of interest to our community.

Startup Debut aggregates some of the hottest startups into one room to introduce them to press –with hundreds of media pros attending.  The well-attended event happened at Bali Hai Golf Course and Country Club on Sunday, Jan 6.
There’s no doubt that Michael Terpin’s full service social media marketing firm, Social Radius, knows how to put on a dog and pony show. Many of you know this already since they ran Social Media Week in LA the year before last.  Here again they deliver a huge amount of value this group of startups out to reach media.
Notable companies I saw:

If you’re doing curation-driven social media or blogging, then should be on your radar. It’s far more than a feed reader, because it aggregates across social networks and feeds with a user-friendly interface. They allow you to filter by media type so you can videos across all your networks. It also allows you share and repost across multiple social channels. They seem to have a clear vision for future opportunities.  They are based on the west-side, so you may begin to see them around town.  The first surfaced during Social medial week in the Fall.

If you’re like many social media addicts I know, you’re tweeting and checking-in at all times.  The problem? At some point you’re likely to drop your expensive iphone, android phone or table into liquid… which not only destroys most devices in seconds, but it voids warrantees.  That’s where Liquipel comes into play. They can seal your device with a special invisible nano-sized coating system that actually makes all the internal parts water-resistant.

Media Pass
Media Pas

Bloggers and publishers know how hard it can be to make money from content.  Advertising products are great, but they don’t always deliver what’s needed. Solution? Mediapass helps you set your own customized paywall like the big guys at the New York Times.  You can set-up recurring subscriptions to your content with just a line of code or a WordPress plugin. It will be interesting to see where this will work best. I’d expect it to work well with quality niche content.

Social Media Analytics are critical but the tools are still not very mature. Sysomos is setting-out to change that with a set of social media monitoring and analytics tools for medium and large companies. They give you tools to set-up queries that can be slice and diced around tags.  They also offer some means of sentiment analysis based on two different measures and help to identify and engage with key influencers.  

Atlas at Startup Debut
Atlas at Startup Debut

Need help getting organized?  Atlas software helps you to schedule anything with anyone on any platform –people with different calendaring systems can easily negotiate and book times to meet with very little effort. I think a lot of people would be glad to use this to take the pain out of scheduling. They are a Silicon Beach based company. Note: perhaps I’m biased because I’m working these talented guys on some other projects.


Content creation requires focus, but in this ADD world, sometimes focus is hard to come by.  That’s where focus@will steps-in.  Using music and sophisticated brain science, this service generates music in a way that’s designed to keep your mind focused longer and keep distractions at bay.

Kraftwürx is not a social media related company, but what’s social media without some custom swag? They offer a way to do 3-D printing on demand in a variety of materials at higher resolutions than some of the other solutions out there. The service can be used not just of prototypes but for actual finished products as well. They print with 70 materials and offer worldwide shipping.


Halloween-ify Your Phone with These Apps!

Happy Halloween weekend, everyone! With the new iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumia and other smartphones in the market, why not check out a few apps that track your kids when they’re tricking and treating or just for fun?

Do you tend to lose your keys and phone? Apple’s Find My iPhone lets you use another iOS device to find your phone. (Free)

Google Latitude

Google Latitude works on all phones. You can see where your kids are trick-or-treating and vice versa (if you want them to). It also has a check-in component with offers similar to Foursquare and Yelp. (Free)



Got a ghost hunter in your family? Ghost Radar detects paranormal activity. Let us know if you’re visiting the Amityville Horror house and it detects spirits. (99-cts) Ghost Radar Classic is the Android version. (Free)

Waiting for the kids to walk to each house and knock and knock and knock? How about a game of Halloween Concentration (memory) while you stand on the sidewalk for them? (Free)

Make A Zombie

More of a DIY kind of person? How about creating your own zombie? Make A Zombie allows you to do just that. (Free)

Got a kid to track via cellphone? If you’re not into calling or texting the youngin, maybe Trick-or-Tracker is your app. ($4.99)

Want to make your own ghostly photos a la Disney’s Haunted Mansion? Download Scary Camera and creep the bejeezus out of your friends. (Free)

Do you have a favorite app that scares others? Tell us in the comments section or post them on our Facebook Page!

Angry Birds Seasons

Of course, this post can’t be complete without my favorite timesucker, Angry Birds Seasons with their special Halloween version. (99-cts)

That said, what are you doing online? Get out there and have a terrific (and safe) Halloween!