Everything You Need to Know About BROADCASTING LIVE!

Come hear a panel of video experts! Arm yourself with all the tools you will need to maximize the quality and content of your live video broadcast. Our panel will break down what’s available to you and how they’ve found their own successes and overcome challenges in the demanding and fast-rising world of video content. […]

You Made This? I Made This. Copyright And Social Media

The Law

Social media has transformed how we communicate by providing instant information to publish and publicize almost anything. And with social media comes lots and lots of content. But can you use that content? And should you use that content? With millions of pieces of content being generated daily, it can be tempting to share everything […]

January 2017 Happy Hour & Networking!

Spice Affair front entrance

Social Media Club LA ended 2016 with a fabulous celebration — now, please join us as we welcome new members, new friends and a new Board of Directors with a happy hour to kick off the new year! RSVP NOW! –> http://bit.ly/2jcivjL We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming soon but for now, let’s do […]

EVERYTHING ABOUT SNAPCHAT (But were afraid to ask)

Snapchat is taking the social media world by storm… and not just for people under 25 years old. Now “old” people (above 30 years old) are seeing the fun-ness and cool-ness of Snapchat. Heck, with all the filters, stuff disappearing, and Lewis Hamilton coming on board, what’s not to love about this platform?!? Well, there’s […]

Are eSports The Future?

Are eSports the Future?

Whether or not you agree that eSports should be considered a “sport” or not, it is clear they are here to stay. 20 million people watched the recent Call Of Duty Championships, a tournament in which $2m in prizes were given away to competing teams! So what is this craze that’s captured the attention of […]