EVERYTHING ABOUT SNAPCHAT (But were afraid to ask)


Snapchat is taking the social media world by storm… and not just for people under 25 years old. Now “old” people (above 30 years old) are seeing the fun-ness and cool-ness of Snapchat. Heck, with all the filters, stuff disappearing, and Lewis Hamilton coming on board, what’s not to love about this platform?!? Well, there’s […]

Are eSports The Future?

Are eSports the Future?

Whether or not you agree that eSports should be considered a “sport” or not, it is clear they are here to stay. 20 million people watched the recent Call Of Duty Championships, a tournament in which $2m in prizes were given away to competing teams! So what is this craze that’s captured the attention of […]

Members Only Resume Workshop!

Members Only Resume Workshop!

This is a MEMBERS ONLY workshop Our upcoming workshop at the General Assembly in Santa Monica is this Saturday, September 17 from 11am-1pm! Whether you’re in the middle of the job search or just in the mood for a resumé refresher, it’s never too late to whip your resumé into shape. We’ll also have a photographer to take […]

SMCLA Presents: Cybersecurity and Social Media Safety

SMCLA Cybersecurity panel

What is cybersecurity?  What do I need to stay safe in terms of hardware and software?  How does social media fit into cybersecurity?  What are legal ramifications of not having specific protocols in place for cybersecurity and social media safety? Join us on July 19th at 6:30 for an expert panel to answer these questions […]