Event recap: SMCLA Online Dating Panel – Feb. 26, 2013

February's fabulous panelists (l - r): Jennifer Kelton, Julie Spira, Scott Lewallen and moderator Debra Eckerling.
February’s fabulous panelists (l – r): Jennifer Kelton, Julie Spira, Scott Lewallen and moderator Debra Eckerling.

What happens when you place a slew of dating experts in the same room with LA’s finest social media crowd?

You get a fun night of shared lessons learned, plenty of laughter, and a host of useful advice for business and pleasure. Such was the case on Tuesday, Feb. 26, in Santa Monica at SMCLA’s first panel of 2013.

The evening began with a bunch of giveaways:

The iPhone case went to two-time winner Gina Stewart.

Perils of Cyber-Dating swag bag generously donated by speaker Julie Spira was won by Ariel Rainey.

Some of the lucky winners at our Feb. "Social Media & Dating Online" event.
Some of the lucky winners at our Feb. “Social Media & Dating Online” event.

And the book Data, A Love Story by Amy Webb went to Manshu Agarwal, Warner Boutin, D. Scott Eads, Debra Eckerling, Ross Felix, Max Kramer, Jessica Marquez, Cristina Morara, Scott Santos, Sanjit Singh, John Skorick, and Gina Stewart.

Winning! You bet SMCLA attendees are winners - these are some of the lucky winners of "Data, A Love Story."
Winning! You bet SMCLA attendees are winners – these are some of the lucky winners of “Data, A Love Story.”

Catch the highlights of the event on Storify (via @Serena).

Gourmandise made sure we had plenty of freshly baked, out-of-this-world chocolate chip cookies.
Gourmandise made sure we had plenty of freshly baked, out-of-this-world chocolate chip cookies.

Thanks to all who attended the event and to our generous sponsors General Assembly (@GA_LA) for hosting, The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories and Calvin Lee (@mayhemstudios) for the delicious cookies and pretzel crisps.

Tremendous thanks to the social networking innovators on our panel for generously sharing their expertise: Julie Spira (@JulieSpira), Scott Lewallen (@ScottLewallen), and Jennifer Kelton (@BadOnlineDates), and to our terrific moderator Debra Eckerling (@WriteOnOnline)!

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Liz H. Kelly (@lizhkelly)
Liz Kelly
Liz is a Relationship Expert, Great Love Reporter and Author of Smart Man Hunting who puts a new spin on relationships with love lessons from Hollywood Movies and Happy Hearts in her Great Life, Great Love series (Http://www.greatlifegreatlove.com). In her second life, Liz is a PR and Social Media Marketing Consultant, Sunrise Road Media (http://www.sunriseroadmedia.com), who used to work for MySpace running their biggest advertising campaigns. You can follow her updates and dating tips on Twitter @lizhkelly

Linda Sherman (@lindasherman)

Linda Sherman
Linda Sherman

Linda is a Social Media Marketing Consultant with a solid background in corporate marketing and finance. She set up Coors Japan and was responsible for creating and executing a unique and successful marketing and sales strategy for ZIMA that is still sustained as a premium brand there today. Linda managed 500+ employees as CEO of Club Med Japan. Linda’s current clients include http://SingularCity.com where she is acting Community Manager. Linda’s company is http://couragegroup.com. Her blog is http://ItsDifferent4Girls.com.

Julie Spira (@juliespira)
Julie Spira

Julie Spira is known world-wide as The Cyber-Dating Expert™ and is the author of “The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online.” She is the host of “Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show” and has been featured on FOX News, BBC, Men’s Health, KTLA, and the Los Angeles Business Journal for her expertise in online dating. Julie is the LA Dating Advice Columnist on Examiner.com and a contributor to The Huffington Post. She currently holds the position of Executive VP/Director of Social Media for Brandloft – a marketing and branding firm. Visit her at http://CyberDatingExpert.com and http://SocialMediaMore.com

Evan Marc Katz (@evanmarckatz)
Evan Marckatz
A combination of Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla, he has traveled cross-country with his powerful, laugh-out-loud observations on dating. Whether addressing a ballroom of singles at the Washington Hilton or running a series of seminars for JDate at Club Med, Evan shows that there’s no contradiction between education and entertainment.

Analis Flox (@avflox)
AV Flox
A.V. Flox is the editor of Sex and the 405, a sex news site, as well as a sex and relationships columnist for BlogHer, the leading women’s network on the web. A geek at heart, she got her start on the web in the 90s, and has been using it to her advantage in dating since. She has written several articles about using technology to connect with potential matches and swears by Twitter, but she’s also aware of how the web is changing our interactions and that constant connection and lifestreaming can also lead to complications in established relationships. Digital has collided into analog–for better or worse. Let’s play.

Dating + Relationships Panel Questions
(Panel starts at 8pm)

1. Why is January the biggest month for internet dating? What are the new trends for 2010?
2. How is social media changing the rules of dating? (exs as friends, people who you meet on Match.com checking out your FB profile, how to use Fan Pages for people who are not really friends)
3. What new types of humor and actions are happening with social media and relationships (ie proposals on twitter, marriage status changed on FB during wedding, wedding videos on youtube, etc)
4. How are social media sites now monetizing dating and relationship services? (FB is now partnering with a dating site – need to get name)
5. How is mobile changing the way singles interact? Dating apps? (Julie can take the lead on this question – Liz can also answer – GPS, everything is real time)
6. How can you build a community online for dating and relationships
7. What is the best way to manage your online personality and perceptions in your profile, photos and tweets? (personal branding, photos, messaging, tone, videos, etc)
8. What advice can you share for a first date for guys – and for girls?
9. What internet dating and social media conferences do you recommend?
10. Where do you see internet dating and social media going in 5 years?

Venue Info
12th and Highland

12th & Highland, Manhattan Beach CA 90266
304 12th St. Manhattan Beach 310-545-1881
Contact: geoffabrown@gmail.com / 310.418.4347 for sponsorship or speaker requests.