Apr 24 Speaker Spotlight: Zao Yang, COO of Betterworks

Still on the fence about joining us next Tuesday evening, April 24th at the ING DIRECT Cafe LA for our Social Games Explosion panel? RSVP NOW: http://socialmediaclubsocialgaming.eventbrite.com/ Do you or someone you know play Farmville? Well, let me introduce our third guest speaker for the evening.   Sizhao “Zao” Yang is currently the COO/co-founder at BetterWorks, […]

Apr. 24 Speaker Spotlight: Valeska Jacques, Co-Founder of Rivvid

Do your friends groan when you win trivia games against them? Are you one of those people who just knows everything about something? Do you know about Rivvid? Do you know about online trivia games where you can win prizes like a Target gift card, BCBG gift card, or an American Airlines gift certificate? Check […]

RSVP Now for our April 24 Event: Social Gaming Explosion!

Ever wonder what the heck happens with the user data that gets collected when you play Farmville or Draw Something? How about when you’re playing a game on a movie website to gather enough coins to open up special sneak previews? As a business, what are your end goals when you decide to use a […]

Games Go Social: Discussion Recap

The ubiquity of pink cows: How Facebook and iPhone are changing the way we play. Just as the Internet has transformed how we watch movies, read books, and listen to music, social media, led by Facebook and iPhone, are changing the way we play games. How has the gaming industry responded to our new recreational […]