5.23.12 Social TV Panel – Thank you!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’d like to thank everyone (YOU) who attended our Social TV event last night at the Edmunds.com HQ space in Santa Monica. I hope that Kat, Marla, Charles, Garick, Alice or I met each of you individually before or after the event. A hand goes out to Michelle Magoffin  for helping us snag our venue sponsor Edmunds.com, and to Board member Kat Jacob for securing our food by sponsor Daily Grill.

We couldn’t have put on this panel without our speakers! Thank you to Patrick O’Brien, Miry Whitehill, and Stephanie Piche for sharing your expertise, experience and thoughts on analytics, social video, and engagement vs reach debate.

If you didn’t catch the replay with our hashtag #SMCLA, check out Serena Ehrlich‘s Storify! Better still, I have the entire #SMCLA conversation .png’d for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t forget to join us on our SMCLA Facebook Page and give us your feedback on the panel! We want to make each subsequent event better and better. (Or you can email us directly at socialmediaclubla[at]gmail[dot]com!)

052312 SMCLA Social TV - Board member Marla Schulman moderating
052312 SMCLA Social TV - Thank you, attendees!
052312 SMCLA Social TV
052312 SMCLA Social TV Panelists - Stephanie Piche, Miry Whitehill, Patrick O'Brien


May 23 Speaker Spotlight: Miry Whitehill, Digital Video Distribution Expert

<insert Keanu Reeves “Speed” voice>It’s the week before Memorial Day. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? </keanu> You’re coming with us to our Social TV event on Wednesday, May 23! RSVP now so you don’t miss out!

Our third panelist for Miry Whitehill. Who is Miry? Read on!

Miry Whitehill, Account Director of Jun Group

Miry Whitehill has significant digital video experience. Whitehill has worked at Jun Group and Feed Company in the digital video space. Whitehill’s clients included Ford, Gillette, Kraft, Levi’s, Pepsi, Taco Bell and Toyota. Previously, she was media & seeding manager at Tel Aviv-based Keta Keta, a viral advertising agency. Her clients at Keta Keta included LG, P&G and El Al, among others. Whitehill began her career at Redmatch, a software company also based in Israel.

Chris here. Now we’ve got ourselves an agency rep! For those of you thinking about monetizing your videos and new media productions, Miry’s the person to talk to. My questions (and feel free to call out your own on Wednesday!):

  • How are you monetizing your clients’ videos and new media content?
  • When clients come to you, what are they looking to do? Is it realistic?
  • Previously, we had a panel on Mobile. How are you working on the mobile platform for your clients?
  • Do you have recommendations on partners who can execute mobile campaigns with new media content or “regular tv” content?

If you don’t like my questions, you can stop by at our venue sponsor Edmunds’ home office in Santa Monica and override all of them! RSVP now and I’ll see you there.

May 23 Speaker Spotlight: Stephanie Piche, CEO/Exec Producer of MingleMediaTV

Two more days to RSVP, guys! Join us on Wednesday, May 23 at the Edmunds headquarters in Santa Monica. We’re showcasing three panelists and grilling them asking them questions about social TV and what’s going on in the world of social media, content creators, traditional tv news, and entertainment.

Scroll down and learn more about our next panelist – Stephanie Piche of MingleMediaTV!

Stephanie Piche, CEO/Exec Producer of MingleMediaTV (source: webseriesnetwork.com)
Stephanie Piche, CEO/Exec Producer of MingleMediaTV (source: webseriesnetwork.com)

Stephanie is serial entrepreneur, marketing strategist and new media producer. She has over 20 years experience in new media, producing, publishing and technology marketing as well as a deep experience in social media for content creators and publishers. She is the founder and Executive Producer of Mingle Media TV Network, an online media and digital web TV network company producing and curating over 200 live and produced web series from in lifestyle and celebrity genres to science fiction and dramatic entertainment programming.

Stephanie has led over 35 successful new media, ecommerce and mobile technology product launches. She has received the Presidents Club award from IBM, Under the Radar Audience Choice Award, Mom’s Choice Award 2009 for online video content, Listed in the Top 50 Tweeples on Twitter;  founder/president of a NY National Association of Female Executives (NAFEchapter, founder/president of the itSMF Portland chapter; and industry speaker: WITISilicon Valley Marketing Group, Int’l Newspaper conferences, Panelist at 2009-2011 Digital Hollywood Conferences, Featured Pro Web TV Workshop Pro Panel Series, panelist in 2010-2011 at the following industry events: LAWebFest, Digiday Video Upfronts LA, Beverly Hills Film Festival, and New Media Film Festival speaking on monetization and social networking of online video. Mingle Media TV is also a sponsor of the Audience Choice Awards category in the New Media Film Festival for web series creators.

Chris here. Has this whet your interest? It has for me! Social TV (and Web TV) has changed in the past couple of years. I’ve always wondered about the monetization. Join us on Wednesday and throw in your questions to us and we’ll get them to our panelists! A few questions to start the conversation on Wednesday (and please join in with your own!):

  1. About Castle Siege and other shows that are on MMTV – how do you decide what goes on the network and what doesn’t pass muster?
  2. Can you tell us about a successful social campaign for one of the shows you manage/house?
  3. Why did you start MingleMediaTV?
  4. You don’t have to answer this exactly, but newbies-to-webTV-series like me are curious – show me the money. Is the trade-off getting air time on the web? Couldn’t I just put my show on YouTube and sell it for 99-cents on iTunes and create a social media plan for my show?

Drop by this Wednesday and ask your own questions to our panel! You know you’re tired of hearing me blab on and ask questionable questions. Let’s go! See you there!

May 23 Speaker Spotlight: Patrick O’Brien of Fox TV

We’re less than a week away from our Social TV event. Have you registered? What are you waiting for? RSVP now: smclasocialtv.eventbrite.com/

Do you watch the local KTTV Fox news? Do you visit the Fox News website and their social channels? Guess who manages the digital strategy behind Fox Television stations in LA? One of our Social TV speakers!

Patrick O'Brien, Digital Director of KTTV Fox TV Stations

Meet Patrick O’Brien. Patrick is an Emmy award-winning digital director at FOX Television Stations here in Los Angeles. He directs the strategies for all web, mobile and social platforms operated by KTTV and also works with the FOX Television Stations group.

He is new to Los Angeles after spending time in Washington DC at Gannett/USAToday on social media initiatives at both the corporate and local levels. For many years, he has been in the thick of the evolution TV has made from traditional to social media and helps lead social media efforts for the properties he manages.

He is a mobile app junkie (and can’t stop talking about Evernote).  He received a double bachelors degree in media/marketing from Webster University in St. Louis and is enjoying his new Hollywood digs.

Chris here.

So… Evernote… he’s my kind of guy! Back to the topic at-hand. Who here still watches the news on TV? Who gets their news from the internet? From mobile apps? From Twitter? All of the above?

I’d like to know from Patrick:

– Many of us find out about the news via Twitter (or another social channel). How is regular TV news competing against social media? What are traditional news channels doing to embrace social channels and not kill their “viewership” on regular TV? Does it matter?

– How are you measuring success? Are there metrics that you are using to prove (if you still have to) that social platforms are working FOR traditional news outlets?

– Are you hiring for the summer? Graduating college seniors want to know.

Tune in on Wednesday May 23 at the Edmunds.com headquarters and listen to what Patrick has to say about my questions AND OTHER QUESTIONS BY YOU!


Save the Date May 23 – and Tune in to Our Social TV Panel!

source: http://www.youngdigitallab.net

What is social TV? How do you define it? Is it just YouTube and Ustream.tv for you? Do you watch videos and live events on your mobile device? Are you watching programming as a game? When you were watching the live stream of Coachella this year, did you comment on its respective channels? Are you a network or agency that is reporting data of viewership and device sources for your primetime tv show or independent production? Are you an agency working on campaigns using entertainment programming?

Save the date! We’ll be delving into the Social TV evolution with our guest panelists and YOU.

Social Media Club LA Tunes in to the Social TV Evolution!

Who: Patrick O’Brien (Fox News LA); Blake Lown (Hulu); Stephanie Piche (Mingle Media TV)

When: Wednesday, May 23

Venue sponsor: Edmunds.com

Where: Edmunds.com HQ (@edmunds)
1620 – 26th Street, Suite 400 South
Santa Monica 90404

Parking: Parking available for $5 in the Water Gardens’ parking structure.
From Colorado Avenue, turn right into the second Water Garden Visitor Parking driveway, just before 26th Street. Drive down into the underground parking structure, visitor parking is on Level P1. Look for the orange elevator lobby.

RSVP HERE: http://smclasocialtv.eventbrite.com/