Introducing the 2015 Social Media Club Los Angeles Board of Directors

On December 8, 2014, the members of Social Media Club Los Angeles (SMCLA) elected a new Board of Directors for the 2015 term. The goal this year was to put on a slate of monthly programs to connect, educate, and inspire our membership of LA-based corporate social media professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals that would provide a better understanding of the value of using social media in today’s business environment. We’ve done that by hosting dozens of thought leaders in discussion around Los Angeles to discuss the hottest trends and provide historical insight into how social media has informed a variety of industries. We’ve fostered a forum for our community to come together to help and challenge each other to greatness. This year SMCLA also saw its largest ever Board of Directors tasked with making SMCLA the most engaged — and most awesome, IMHO– chapter in the Club!

It has been my pleasure and an honor to serve as your SMCLA’s Chapter President in 2014. I’ve enjoyed working with the Board and connecting with many leaders in the LA community who’ve genuinely expressed interest in working with SMCLA in the near future. To further enrich our amazing community I want to make that happen, and so I look forward to continuing on in a different role primarily focused on overseeing partnerships and sponsorships.

Presenting 2015 Board of DirectorsNow I would like to introduce you to your 2015 Chapter President, AJ Feuerman, and Board of Directors! Please click their names to read more about each member.

President – AJ Feuerman
Director of Operations – Lindsay Tredent Mauch
Director of Finance – Nancy Tovar Huxen
Communications Director – Jeremy Pepper
Membership Director – Michel’le Roddy
Programs Director – Nicole DeRuiter
Sponsorships Director – Madeline Wright
Venues Director – Nick LaBran

And our Associate Directors:

Programs – Ellen LuChelsea LeeWilliam Zalokar
Communications – Stephen HarveyClement J BryantL. Cacera Richmond
Venues – Erik Roithmayr
Sponsorship – Charles MillerLindsay Tredent MauchAri Sherman

If you’re interested in volunteering with the board or at an event, send an email to let us know! And be sure to grab your ticket to SMCLA’s Annual Holiday Celebration on Monday, December 15, to meet the new board in person!

SMCLA Elects 2013 Officers and Directors

On January 4th, the members of Social Media Club Los Angeles (SMCLA) elected thirteen officers to its board for the 2013 term. See our new team below.

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 12.07.00 AMAnd now a message from Social Media Club Los Angeles’ President and founding board member of Social Media Club International, Serena Ehrlich:

At SMCLA our goal is to educate, engage and energize social media professionals in the greater Los Angeles area and build a sense of community among our members. We work very hard to meet this goal by offering a wide range of programming and providing strategic and tactical guidance on a wide range of social media topics to meet the varying, and growing, needs of our audience.

I am so proud of the work our 2012 board and the amazing progress made in introducing our organization to new members and reengaging existing members. While that is going to be hard to top, we are already planning our 2013 programming including topics such as Social Media for B2B, Relationships in the Era of Social Media and more.

I am pleased to introduce you to your 2013 board!  Please click their names to read more about each member.

President:                              Serena Ehrlich

Program Lead:                       Steven Swimmer

Program Team:                     AJ Feuerman, Ross W Prout III, Nicole DeRuiter

Communication Lead:         Sarah Beth Rosa

Communication Team:         A.J. Bellarosa, Lauren Buchman, Vickie Bates, Madeline Wright

Membership Lead:                Chris Lam

Venue Lead:                           Kat Jacob

Sponsorship Lead:                Charles Miller

In addition to our board, we excited to have several At Large committee members joining our team!  (PS – interested in joining a committee? Let us know!)

Executive Director, External Programs: Marla Schulman

Community Builder: Jeremy Pepper

Events:  Alice Fuller

Sponsorship:  Debra Dilger

All of us at SMCLA are looking forward to bringing you engaging programming and relevant Social Media discussion in 2013! Stay tuned everyone!

Happy New Year!

It’s the last day of 2011. What have you done with the other 364 days? Where have you gone? Where will you go in 2012? Who will you reach out to?

I found Google’s video of the most searched topics to be a terrific “the world’s” year in review. Take a look and let me know what you think.

I asked our Board if they had any new year’s resolutions for 2012. A couple members shared theirs:

I have a New Year’s resolution to help my parents get “social”. I appreciate Klout and Windows Phone 7 for having sent me a Windows phone as a perk and so I gifted it to my mom for her birthday. I noticed that she really hasn’t been taking advantage of many smartphone features and so my new year’s resolution is to get closer to my parents by teaching them that there’s more to the Internet than forwarding PowerPoint email chain-letters. In getting them up to speed, I hope to also revisit some of the basics myself. – Garick Chan

spend more time bring w people and less time tweeting – Natalie Petouhoff

I’ve got one, too, and it’s similar to Garick’s. (Right on about the email chain letters, Garick!) My goal is to understand why some of my friends and family are still using their work email addresses to send out personal emails, and to educate them on why it’s not a good idea. (Even after all these years… they are still using work email.)

On behalf of SMCLA, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and we wish you a happy, productive and wired New Year!

Keep Calm and Tweet On

Save the Date and Updates

Happy spring, everyone! This is your new blogger-in-residence, Chris; hello!

It’s been a wee bit quiet as we’ve been planning out the year. We’ve got some great topics on our calendar around including a recruiter/jobsearch meetup; social media tools panel; QR codes; analytics; and a few more surprises. If you would like to see a topic covered at SMCLA, let us know! Throw it in the comments section below or tweet it out to us!

In the meantime, please mark your calendars for our April meet-up: Wednesday April 6th at X bar located in the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.  Eventbrite invite on its way!


Socializing the Music Industry


On 9/11/08, Social Media Club (LA) invited 4 panelists from the music industry to discuss the effects of social media and digital distribution in the Music Industry. 

Jackie Peters, co-founder of Heavybag Media and Andy Sternberg, Director of Interactive at Live Earth moderated the panel. A big thank-you goes out to the four panelists: 



The following is a summary of the topics discussed at the meeting.

[[ Thoughts on Social Discovery + Music: 

With social discovery tools such as StumbleUpon, Last.Fm, Pandora and music/mp3 blogs and aggregators such as HypeMachine and, social media and music now go hand in hand. For fans, music is now social and to socialize is to explore, discover and listen to the same types of music with like-minded fans. The limelight has shifted from the band to the fans, as music is now a platform for social networking. Lucas explained,  “Media is becoming more fluid. Different mashups are rising because of the effectiveness of social media.”

It used to be that indie bands once had to be very committed- driving cross country to peddle their CDs at any music store that would give them the time of day. Now, through social media and social discovery tools,  good bands, with the help of their fans, have a chance to rise to the top with a simple click of a “thumbs up” or “heart” icon. Scott noted,  “Bands don’t have to worry about being on the local radio station, their existence can be validated elsewhere through other platforms.” Nick added, “Fans are creating a new promotional marketing strategy.” Social media has also effected music, bands and their fans by deconstructing niches of music. The lines separating niches continue to blur, as fans discover more genres of music. Venues such as The Roxy have also seen the effects of social media. Now, fans have a platform for discussing the band, the upcoming show and even their thoughts after the show. By utilizing social networking sites such as Myspace, bands can join the conversation with their fans and venues are able to gauge the audience and use the feedback for future marketing tactics. 


[[Thoughts on the effects of social media, sponsorships and sales: 

The panelists offered differing views on sponsorships of small bands and sales. 

On one hand, small bands are able to leverage their fans and gain exposure through social media, according to Scott, “big companies still want to work with big names.” Small niche bands just won’t cut it when it comes to sponsorships and endorsements. On the other hand, Nick believes big companies are able to target the niches which represent their brand as bands smaller indie bands are able to distribute themselves.

It has become obvious that more and more people are not buying music but rather, access to bands. Fans are attending more live shows and giving away their music.  Due to the shift in digital distribution, a band’s biggest launch will no longer be their CD release. According to Anthony of Buzznet,  “true fans know where to find the music and download it.”

Siobhan O’Neil (@angelcityblues) tweeted  to the SMCLA twitter stream, “#smcla all that free music means is that I get to listen to more new stuff; if I like it, I’ll support the band I’ll go see them play.”  Dedicated fans such as Siobhan are the fans who want constant and exclusive access to the bands- from reading their blogs to “friend-ing’ them on Myspace and following them on Twitter. It is social media that helps bring longevity to the relationship between bands and their fans. Bands now need to keep their fan base engaged and come up with new clever tactics to boost sales. However, it seems that the major labels are not run by those who understand social media. 

Similarly, within the realm of social media are mp3 blogs such as HypeMachine which allow free downloads and samples of music. These blogs seem to be a touchy subject for everyone. The general consensus of the panel seems to be that they are doing more harm than good. Lucas stated that mp3 blogs don’t help bands develop, but rather they perpetuate the system. As it has become more acceptable to download music from the blogs, Anthony believes that the work behind the music is under appreciated and under valued.

Oppositely, @jeff419 tweeted, ” #smcla Trent reznor made $750k in 2 days just off the ltd edition box set for his ghosts album while the download was free” 


[[Advice for niche indie bands in the age of social media: 

Scott advises indie labels to have a “tech-savvy publicist” who understands the blogosphere, and empower fans to spread the word about the band. Similarly, Lucas advises bands to have their own URL to promote themselves as they shouldn’t rely on social networking sites alone. “Audiences will change over time, and sites such as Bebo and Myspace will come and go.” By having their own website, not only can bands monetize themselves and their music but also understand the demographics of their fans.



[[Closing thoughts:

As we can see from the discussion, social media has a huge impact on all aspects of the music industry. Everybody on both sides of the industry (producers vs consumers) now play a huge part in the digital distribution of music. Whether or not a medium as large as the internet helps or hurts the music industry is still a gray area to be further discussed. Whether or not social media will trump traditional media, in relation to the music industry is also unclear. Afterall, @hondagrrl tweeted, “#smcla: i discovered ingrid michaelson thanks to that dumb gap sweater commercial.”  The only concept that is clear is that social media is gaining huge momentum and cannot be ignored.