B2B Social Media Marketing on March 19

Digital media channels often highlight case studies and thought leadership with respect to consumer (B2C) social media, but often ignore business-to-business (B2B). And it’s unfortunate, because the enterprise and B2B market is one of the faster growing segments in the economy.

So, what’s different if you’re selling to other businesses? SMCLA’s next event will focus on social media strategy and best practices when your target is a CEO, a VP of Marketing, an IT Director, someone in HR, etc.  Think this doesn’t apply to you? Think again. Whether you work at an agency, as a consultant, a channel marketing manager, on a business development team, handle sales for enterprise (small – mid-size and even SOHO), or are an HR manager, this event is for you!

SMCLA B2B Panel. Image by AJ Feuerman.We have assembled a panel of experts in the B2B world, including Rachel Luxemburg, Principal Strategist at Adobe, Stephen Gundee, Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn, Erick Brownstein, EVP for Marketing at YTM, Lauren Buchman, marketing consultant specializing in channel marketing, and our moderator,  Eric Schwartzman, co-author of Social Marketing to the Business Consumer.

Join us on March 19 at Cross Campus LA for an evening of networking, food, drinks, and an interactive conversation that will focus on how major brands in the B2B space use social media to drive, engage and interact with their clients and prospects. This is your opportunity to engage thought leaders in a growing segment of the digital industry.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Meet our panelists:

SMCLA B2B Panel_Erick Brownstein
Erick Brownstein

Erick Brownstein is a new media entrepreneur with a focus on the explosive world of online video. Having worked on the client and the agency side, Erick’s experience ranges from advising the CEOs of multibillion-dollar companies to directing international environmental and human rights campaigns. He is an advocate for class clowns and unschooling papa who believes that grades take the fun out of failing.

Follow Erick on Twitter @ErickB, and you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

SMCLA B2B Panel_Rachel Luxemburg
Rachel Luxemburg

Rachel Luxemburg, Principal Strategist, Community & Social Media, leads the Community Center of Excellence at Adobe, tasked with providing strategic direction for influencer, advocate, and community programs across Adobe. She holds a B.A. from Vassar College and an MBA from the University of San Francisco.

You can find Rachel on Twitter @rlux.


Stephen Gundee is a Senior Relationship Manager for LinkedIn. His primary responsibility is to consult with some of LinkedIn’s largest clients in an effort to help reshape their talent and employment brand strategies. He has been an employee of LinkedIn since August of 2010; during that time he has seen LinkedIn balloon from 750 employees to 3,500 employees worldwide. He is a new Southern California resident, having moved from Chicago in May of 2012, with his wife Cari and son Calvin.

Connect with Stephen on Twitter @StephenGundee and check out the official LinkedIn blog

Lauren Buchman - @LaurenJBuchman
Lauren Buchman

Lauren Buchman is the founder of Yellow Bike Marketing. She has worked for ad agencies for the better part of a decade. She launched the first social media campaigns for channel marketing efforts at 3form, McAfee, and Microsoft. Connect with Lauren on Twitter @LaurenJBuchman.


Moderator: Eric Schwartzman

Eric Schwartzman
Eric Schwartzman – @ericschwartzman

Best-selling coauthor of Social Marketing to the Business Customer, Eric Schwartzman specializes in a vast array of communications and social media policy development. He is the technology entrepreneur behind iPressroom, a start-up he founded that develops a proprietary software service for managing external communications. He also offers live and online social media training programs. Today, he is a senior communications consultant to various businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. Past clients include Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears World Tour, The Salt Lake Olympics, Cirque du Soleil, Lucasfilm and others. Eric was previously director of promotions at Rogers & Cowan  and VP of marketing at Laser Storm. Eric also founded the Digital Impact Conference and has been producing the award-winning podcast “On the Record…Online” (@ontherecord).

Dec 18 Speaker Spotlight: Charlie Capen – How to Be a Dad (dot com)

How often do you run into bloggers who are dads? Or bloggers who turn being a dad into a funny journal of mistakes and things you shouldn’t do?

Charlie Capen – @charliecapen @howtobeadad

Meet Charlie Capen.

Charlie is co-founder of “How To Be A Dad” an entertainment site for dads, moms, and those with no plans of procreating, whatsoever.  The site is not so much a “how-to”, but a “how-not-to” portal centered around two sleep-deprived friends with nothing left to lose but their sanity as they navigate fatherhood and try to look smart doing so. They’re not experts, but that isn’t gonna stop them from pretending. Charlie has appeared on Babble.com, Huff Post Parents, Art of Manliness, BabyCenter, AOL, and a host of other websites that smell delicious. Charlie’s forthcoming book, The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions, is set for an April 2013 release by New York-based Random House.

Chris here. One of the hurdles that tend to get bloggers stuck is content. On Charlie and Andy’s site (Andy is the other founder of Howtobeadad.com), they pull from their life experiences and interests. Another hurdle is when you have a blog partner. Here are my questions for Charlie – chime in on Tuesday December 18 at Cross Campus!

  1. How do you and Andy split up your writing on the blog? Are you on a schedule? Do you do any planning?
  2. How did you decide to join forces and create a blog owned by the both of you?
  3. Do you have a few top tips on maintaining your blog with a second person? Ie. Ways to not choke your partner for articles he may have posted that don’t work…
  4. How often do you actually meet up to chat about your blog? Do you consider this your business? We have bloggers who want to monetize as a source of income.
  5. What’s one of your favorite posts on the site?

If you hate my questions, well I dare you to RSVP to our Holiday/Meet the Bloggers event on Tuesday December 18, and show up to ask Charlie your questions. No really, show up. Tickets are only $10 and we’re about to sell out!


December 18 Speaker Spotlight: Debra Eckerling – WriteOnOnline

Have you reserved your seat for the SMCLA Holiday Event on December 18? We are counting down the days as we put the finishing touches on what is sure to be an amazing party!

Debra Eckerling – @WriteOnOnline – writeononline.com

We are honored to have Debra Eckerling moderate our panel of blogging experts! Besides her valuable contributions to Mediabistro in Los Angeles, Debra is widely regarded as an expert in the field of writing. She is the perfect person to lead the discussion between our audience and bloggers!

Debra is the creator of Write On Online, a website and community for writers.  She is a professional writer and communications specialist with expertise in business, entertainment, technology, social media, and education.  Debra also teaches individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses how to organize their projects and articulate their expertise.  Debra has been a speaker at the “#140Conf State of Now” Conference in both New York and Los Angeles, as well as the #140edu conference.  In addition to her commitment to writing, she is one of the Los Angeles hosts for the Mediabistro mixers.

Join us at Cross Campus LA on the evening of December 18 to meet Debra, our panel of bloggers, and the entire SMCLA team. We look forward to seeing you there!



Dec 18 Speaker Spotlight: Jessica Gottlieb – Mom Blogger, Car Enthusiast, LA Personality

Our December 18th “Meet the Bloggers” event is coming your way quickly. If you haven’t picked up a ticket, you might want to do so soon.

Jessica Gottlieb – @jessicagottlieb

Let us entice you with a spotlight on our next guest speaker for the event – Jessica Gottlieb. Jessica gave me carte blanche to make up her bio, but let’s just go with the facts.

Jessica Gottlieb is a career blogger in Los Angeles. I call her a blogger who happens to be a mom and car enthusiast who doesn’t take shit from anyone. In the last half dozen years she has written for herself as well as other sites including National Lampoon, iVillage and Parenting Magazine. Nielsen has called her a Power Mom Blogger; she’s been on listed on Babble’s Top 50 Mom Blogs.  Jessica works with brands large and small to assist with messaging and blogger outreach.  Jessica can often be seen on CNN, HLN, Fox News and be sure to watch for her upcoming series Eavesdropping.

I’ve met Jessica a few times now but I’ve never had the opportunity to sit down and ask her questions about her blog. Looks like you and I are going to have that chance! Here are a few questions I’d float to her (and the panel):

  1. You’re a highly visible blogger. There is potential for backlash or trolls. Outside of saying the usual “grow thick skin,” how do you deal with them, and what is your advice for newbie bloggers who are facing their first troll?
  2. I’m sure brands come to you all the time asking you to cover a product or do a trial run somewhere. How are you filtering these invitations and requests?
  3. Let’s back up – how did the brands or PR pros find you (so they could pitch you)?
  4. Blogger press/media kit – yay or nay? (Even for niche bloggers or newbies?)
  5. How do you divide up your time living, blogging and using social media?
  6. What’re your favorite social media channels to use?

Got questions for Jessica and the rest of the panel? Take them with you when you visit us at Cross Campus on December 18! 

December 18 Speaker Spotlight: Brigham Yen – Downtown LA Rising

The SMBLA/SMCLA holiday event is building momentum! Now is your chance to join the fun at Cross Campus LA on December 18 and learn more about what it takes to be a successful blogger. Whether you are thinking about creating a personal blog, managing a blog for your business, or simply interested in blogging as a hobby, our holiday event is for YOU! Besides the stimulating discussion, there will be festive food, cocktails, and tons of schmoozing!

Brigham Yen – @Brigham – brighamyen.com

We are honored to introduce one of our speakers, Brigham Yen.  It was almost a no-brainer when Brigham Yen founded his “DTLA Rising” blog. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2004, Brigham moved back down to Los Angeles and found himself enthralled by the early signs of urban revitalization happening in Downtown LA. The Downtown Center Business Improvement District soon brought him on as an economic development “gatekeeper” where for almost two years, he worked tirelessly to recruit businesses and residents to invest in Downtown LA’s resurgence. Today, Downtown LA is livelier than ever and continues to evolve into the dream that Brigham has always had for his beloved metropolis of LA. Brigham is a licensed Realtor in California and continues to “speak” loudly through his blog voicing his support for expanding mass transit and smart growth throughout Los Angeles. He’s been profiled by top local print outlets including the Los Angeles Times and was named one of The Advocate Magazine’s “40 Under 40” in 2010.

Translation: this event is a must! Join SMCLA, SMBLA, Brigham and the rest of our amazing speakers for what is sure to be an unforgettable holiday celebration. Do yourself a favor and RSVP now! Looking forward to see you!