General Assembly LA: Social Strategies and Analytics for Brands

SMCLA is honored to have General Assembly in Los Angeles!  With 11 locations around the world and growing, General Assembly’s mission is to transform thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business and design. - @GA_LA – @GA_LA

Besides hosting our Online Dating event on February 26th, General Assembly is offering a workshop specifically designed for the social media marketing community in Los Angeles.  On Saturday, March 9th, you will have the opportunity to spend 4 hours learning  how you can further optimize your brand’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. Case studies will be reviewed, learnings will be discussed, and students will also have the opportunity to apply what they have learned at the end of the course by preparing a pitch for an e-commerce brand’s product launch.

For more information on this workshop, or to sign up, click here: GA Social Strategies and Analytics for Brands. Be sure to follow General Assembly on Facebook and General Assembly LA on Twitter for the latest updates on their workshops and events here in Los Angeles and around the world.

This is your chance to meet other digital influencers in the industry, learn from your peers in digital marketing, and take advantage of General Assembly’s network and facilities in Santa Monica!  We look forward to seeing you both on February 26th and March 9th!


Voots: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Zucchini

VootsVoots. Voots. Voots. We just like saying it! Such a fun product and fun company. How did they come up with that name? Voots = Vegetables + Fruits. This new supplement offers the Vitamin C antioxidant power of 3 servings of fruits and vegetables in just two tasty chewable tarts. Great for kids, and the whole family!

The story behind Voots is simple. A Dad created Voots to share with friends and family. Discovering how much everyone loved the tasty tarts, he’s now made Voots available to everyone.

 Big thanks to Voots for sponsoring our Meet the Bloggers Holiday Party on Dec. 18th. Learn more about them at and on Twitter at @LoveVoots.

The Sexy Side of SMCLA via Sponsor, S Factor

S Factor Logo

We were so flattered by all the brands who wanted to contribute to our sensational SMCLA + SMBLA: Meet the Bloggers Holiday Party!

Thank you so much to Sheila Kelley’s S Factor who sent bloggers home with a 1-week pass to try out her groundbreaking classes held in three locations across Southern California (Encino, Costa Mesa and Los Angeles). Author and “Gossip Girl” actress, Kelley, launched the second women and mommy empowering video in her #RedefiningSexy campaign on 121212.

Sheila Kelley, founder of S FactorSheila Kelley stirred up pre-conceived notions about “stripping” when she debuted her striptease inspired workout, S Factor, on the Oprah show in 2003 and now is widely regarded as the worldwide originator of pole dance fitness.

The Redefining Sexy: Believe in Your Beauty campaign aims to redefine the terms “sexy” and “beauty” through a series of provocative videos featuring true stories of real women. The first video in the campaign, “Cancer Warrior,” features Diana Schlobohm, a breast cancer warrior who deserves a spotlight. After losing both breasts to cancer, one thing she did not lose is the knowledge that she is a sexy and beautiful woman. This raw and gritty video, #REDEFININGSEXY: Breast Cancer Warrior Pole Dance, shot six days post-op, challenges the viewer to answer the question, “Are cancer survivors sexy?” The video went viral last month, with celebrities like Eva Longoria, Rita Wilson, and LeAnn Rimes jumping onboard by asking their Twitter and Facebook followers to retweet it and “Believe in your Beauty” and “Embrace your Beautiful, Powerful Self!”

Kelley’s next video in the series, #RedefiningSexy: Is Motherhood Sexy? Pole Dancing 12/12/12, takes a closer look into motherhood, posing the question, “Is motherhood sexy?” It teaches us that any mother can feel sexy, powerful, and beautiful in her own skin. Motherhood IS sexy!

Thanks again to Sheila Kelley’s S Factor! Be sure to check out for more information.

OM Cocktails: Enlightened Organic Mixology

Pioneers in our own right, SMCLA loves to work with other revolutionary brands looking to build awareness.  OM Cocktails is no exception! We are so grateful to everyone at OM for their contributions to our Holiday event on December 18! - @OMCocktails – @OMCocktails

OM Cocktails is the world’s first organic, mixology inspired ready-to-pour cocktail. It’s made using organic vodka, natural extracts and flavors, organic agave nectar, and coloring from fruits and veggies. They also use non-toxic water based inks on the labels which are printed at a carbon neutral wind-powered facility. They use glass reduced eco-bottles and a 75% post consumer recycled shipping case. And, if that isn’t enough, each cocktail is 150 calories or less.  The brand has truly earned it’s nickname as the enlightened cocktail!

OM was started in Southern California and has gained considerable momentum over the last few months. It is now available in Whole Foods, Gelson’s and other great local stores including Vicente Foods, Wally’s Wine and Vendome Wine and Spirits in Beverly Hills. They continue to seek opportunities to share this brand with the community and have teamed up with a number of organizations including Green Drinks, the Sustainable Business Council, and YogaWorks.

SMCLA and SMBLA would like to extend our thanks to the entire “OM” team and wish them a happy holiday! Thank you for teaming up with us for an amazing holiday event! For more information on OM Cocktails you can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook!

The Genius of Genos, a SMCLA Sponsor

genos-logoMeet our genius sponsor, Genos! They’re a worldwide television distribution company, delivering television programming, motion pictures, and online video from around the world to US consumers over broadband Internet via our GenosTV™ service.

Why are they genius? They’ve brought us the Cyclops™, an ergonomically designed Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse created to work with the Apple Mac Mini, iMac, iPad & iPhone. It provides a full QWERTY keyboard & touch pad pointer control. The Cyclops™ was specially developed for the users who prefer to type with their thumbs (texting style) and who are looking for an efficient way to type on their Apple device.


Genos contributed three Cyclops™ keyboards for the raffle at our SMCLA + SMBLA: Meet the Bloggers Holiday Party. We are very appreciative and grateful. Thanks, Genos!

The Cyclops™ makes a perfect Christmas gift for the Apple lover in your life! To learn more about Genos and the Cyclops™, visit their website.