Voots: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Zucchini

VootsVoots. Voots. Voots. We just like saying it! Such a fun product and fun company. How did they come up with that name? Voots = Vegetables + Fruits. This new supplement offers the Vitamin C antioxidant power of 3 servings of fruits and vegetables in just two tasty chewable tarts. Great for kids, and the whole family!

The story behind Voots is simple. A Dad created Voots to share with friends and family. Discovering how much everyone loved the tasty tarts, he’s now made Voots available to everyone.

 Big thanks to Voots for sponsoring our Meet the Bloggers Holiday Party on Dec. 18th. Learn more about them at voots.com and on Twitter at @LoveVoots.

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  1. JayFleischman says

    We got a box at the party. My child and I agree that it may be a good idea for nutritional value but they are inedible.