Alyssa Curran

Communications Associate

Alyssa is a self-proclaimed “Child of the Internet,” and built her first website on Geocities in junior high. After studying Journalism and sharing what she ate for lunch on Twitter, she began her career writing instruction manuals for a toy company. She transitioned into social media for the toy company, then created social media action plans for clients in consumer goods, finance, television, food, fitness, and entertainment. She completed her M.A. in Mass Media Communication in 2013, and then worked with an event company creating a social media and digital marketing strategy for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, a breast cancer fundraising event. Alyssa recently went back to the toy industry, where she writes scripts for popular unboxing series and animation. When Alyssa’s not cackling at the latest cat meme or pretending to be a doll, she’s writing on her humor weight loss blog, perpetually trying to get in shape, cooking, or wrangling her toddler daughters.