If you ask Trina Finton, she was born a geek girl at heart. Starting with the Atari 2600, Trina was quickly hooked. By eight, she was programming games in Basic and starting her collection of comic books. Trina has appeared on panels and been interviewed about her strong opinions about women in gaming and technology fields. If she’s not working on GamingAngels.com, she might be cheering on the Vikings, playing videogames or reading Twitter.

Trina Finton, Founder of Gaming Angels

Most recently, Trina has been voted Fast Company’s Top Women in Games in 2010, featured on NBC LA twice as an expert in Women in Gaming, and is launching the first Women’s Media Network focused on geeky subjects. Gaming Angels also gave away their first scholarship for a young girl to attend National Computer Camp.



Find Trina here:
Personal Blog: http://www.thegamingangel.com
Corporate site: http://www.shesgeekyinc.com
Gaming Site: http://www.GamingAngels.com
Twitter: @GamingAngel

Chris here. I’m pretty excited to meet Trina in person. I’m so happy to see women founding communities and businesses in a traditionally male industry. Gaming Angels isn’t just about gaming – they’re also a community of geek girls, gadget fangirls, and all things tech fangirls. Seeing that Valeska (and Zao – spotlight next!) work businesses with the games and connect them with consumers, I’m interested in seeing what Trina has to say about gaming agencies like Rivvid and Betterworks from a gamer perspective. Here are my questions for Trina:

1. What has the Gaming Angels community seen as a trend in social gaming?

2. Is there a popular platform that works best for casual gamers? FB app? iPad? Mobile format?

3. What about “traditional” game companies like EA or THQ or Activision? Have you seen any interest from them to create more social games or bridging games with commerce (or e-commerce)?

4. What’s the last drawing you created on Draw Something?

If you’re interested in chatting with Trina about her community of gamers, video games, social games or anything else, come by to the ING DIRECT Cafe LA on Tuesday evening, April 24! RSVP to our Social Games Explosion event!