Sponsored Post: E-Publishing’s Disruptive Effect on Transforming Print Media, Inspires Art and Film, “The Rise and Fall of Books”

Mainspring Pictures Ltd, the maker of the documentary film “The Rise and Fall of Books” is proud to sponsor “Publishing 2.0: Social Media’s Transformation of Publishing” with sweepstakes giveaways. Authors and longtime readers have changed their reading patterns, and like many scholars in this increasingly digitized age, Buzz Spector, an internationally renowned book artist and […]

Publishing 2.0: Social Media’s Transformation of Publishing

Publishing 2.0

The publishing industry has undergone massive disruptions in recent years – from the advent of online book sales, to the closing of bookstore and the growth of ebooks. We are in the early stages of a total transformation of the inner workings of publishing. Social media has transformed the way books are marketed and sold. […]