SMCLA Presents Social Media Made The Video Star

Register for Social Media Made The Video Star:    Oh, online video content, you fickle medium. But it may be the best place to share your client’s story. Every individual, agency and company making video hopes theirs will be the next viral sensation or mini blockbuster, but what is the magical formula, if one exists […]

Pros Deliver Winning Panel on Social Media and Sports

” 1 or 2 percent of all programming is sports, yet it accounts for 50 percent of traffic on Twitter,” said Scott Carlis, VP of Social Media at AEG. Carlis was one of four Los Angeles thought leaders on social media and sports who spoke at Social Media Club Los Angeles’ July panel, ‘SCORE: How […]

July 22 Panel: SCORE! How Social Media is Winning Sports

Of course social media often proves itself to be an effective tool to boost fan interaction so how is it being utilized in an industry that thrives the most when its fans are at the very peak of passion? Social media is not only helping players, teams and leagues forge relationships with fans; we often […]

SMCLA Presents: You Got Schooled! The Role of Social Media in Education

Education is always in a state of change. However, how does Social Media & Technology impact education today? What is a University’s strategic vision for teaching with technology? What is the role of Moodle, Blackboard, MOOC and E-Learning? What role does technology play in the public school education system? How do you reach the underserved communities […]