Best of Social Media LA

December 2 · Blankspaces Santa Monica
If you’re looking for social media inspiration for 2019, this is a great opportunity to hear case studies from 4 of Los Angeles’ most interesting social media professionals and campaigns. And if you have friends and colleagues who have entered, come and show your support

Winners selected will be showcasing their campaigns and discussing the strategy, execution, results and learnings from their campaigns based around these areas:

  • Creativity – How did they find inspiration?
  • Success Metrics – how do you define a success of a campaign?
  • What channels were integrated into the campaigns and any key learnings across channels?
  • Are there certain channels that are more suited for specific types of campaigns?
  • How storytelling and branding was incorporated into their campaigns.
  • Innovative Uses for Social Media
  • Key learnings, tips and takeaways from executing a social marketing campaign.

The top 4 case studies will be invited to present their winning program to SMCLA’s community at our event. The awards will be given based on the following 4 categories:

  • Best Marketing Campaign on a Social Platform. (One single, ads-focused marketing promotion and/or lead generation campaign using a social platform).
  • Best Social Media Presence. (Great branding, customer service, and focus on cohesive and completeness of an overall social media usage and execution for a brand or company).
  • Best Overall Innovative Use of Social Media. (New, out-of-the-box, original idea executed on social media).
  • Best Integrated Campaign Leveraging Many Channels and Platforms.(Best use of integrating multiple channels and platforms within a campaign).
  • Honorable Mention from any of the above categories.

The showcase will be moderated by our very own club President Lindsay Tredent-Mauch owner of LTM Digital.

Winners will be receiving special prizes and announcements from Social Media Club LA!

So come on by to find out who the winners are and learn from the best of the best!

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