Adam Bell

Sponsorship Director
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If you’ve ever been to a SMCLA event and ate or drank practically anything, it’s because Adam Bell brought it to you. Adam is responsible for connecting with restaurants, food and beverage brands and many other companies and businesses to make your nights with us a very joyous experience.

It’s nothing new to Adam. He’s been running a sister group for LA’s Creative Tech scene, LAdobe: The Los Angeles Adobe User Group, since the Spring of 2006, shortly after he relocated here from New Orleans where he ran a similar group for Macromedia (remember them?) in 2005.

And when he has time to breathe, he runs one of LA’s busiest independent web design and development studios, dataTV, where he’s designed projects for Cafe du Monde, Armis Security and many other companies both in and outside of Southern California.

Fun fact about AJ: I’m the only person you probably know who moved to LA from evacuating a Hurricane. Not just drinking one.

Why are you involved in SMCLA: To improve my stature as I continue to contribute to the ever-growing LA Tech Community.