Jeremy Pepper

Communications Associate Director
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Called “ahead of his time” and “visionary”, Jeremy Pepper has close to 20 years experience in public relations, in both traditional and social media, as well as analyst relations.

Using Usenet and online enthusiast sites – now commonly referred to as social media – for campaigns, Pepper incorporates online tactics to traditional strategies. Pepper has worked with a who’s who of Fortune 500 companies, ranging from consumer tech to consumer packaged goods to high tech, providing integrated communications counsel to such companies as Kodak, Clorox, Cisco, GM, HP, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Campbell’s Soup, amongst others. His career has spanned the world of agency life, in-house at startups and consulting startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Currently, Pepper is the voice of a large private university.

Fun fact about Jeremy:
It’s more social media related, but I was one of the first 10 public relations bloggers, and still have the same URL on Blogger.

Why are you involved in SMCLA:
I got involved to clean up the Facebook spam, and just kept on being involved. I’m proud that the page has so much engagement and discussions from the community.