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Michel’le Roddy

Michel'le Roddy Social Media Club LA

Michel’le Roddy – @MicheeAlexis

What’s your role on SMCLA’s board and what does that involve?

I am the Membership Lead. This position involves communicating with SMCLA members (via emails, surveys, etc.), keeping track of membership, and brainstorming new ways to obtain new members and keep current members involved (among other things).

Describe your day job.

I am an Account Manager at a marketing/pr agency where I wear many different hats. Sometimes, I’m dealing with project management, some days I can be found putting together editorial calendars and monitoring social media posts as a community manager, while other times I find myself knee deep in Excel spreadsheets helping out as a social media analyst. It’s never a dull moment!

I’ve worked in the web and digital media space for the last 12 years, both at a major university as well at some large entertainment companies.

Describe Your Career

I am a public relations professional with 2+ years of experience in the consumer, and just recently, healthcare industries. I have a passion for research and social media analytics.

I got involved with SMCLA because…

I started volunteering at different SMCLA events a few years ago thanks to the introduction by two of my former colleagues. After meeting some great people, I decided to join the SMCLA board in order to help put on more great events and help spread the word about this great organization.

What was the first social network you joined? 

Oh man. It had to have been MySpace way back when. Good times.

I encourage SMCLA members to consider serving on the board because… 

If you want to help out and make a difference in where this organization goes, being a board member is a great way to get involved. Not only can you help shape programming, you also get to meet and work with some awesome people!


LA hangout? Santa Monica pier, 3rd street promenade (shopping, duh), and the arts district.
Song about LA “L.A.” by Murs
Blogs? Mashable, TechCrunch, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Smitten Kitchen
Social media channel? Twitter is #1, followed by Instagram

Where can we find you on Social Media? 

Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: @MicheeAlexis
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/micheeroddy