Major Instagram Influencers Converge at SMCLA March Event To Discuss Power of Visual Storytelling in Conjunction With Worldwide InstaMeet 11

SMCLA InstaMeet with Instagram Influencers

“Don’t just put content out there. You have to do the extra work to get people to look at it, and you need to engage like-minded fans with witty and funny posts,” advised Jennifer Puno, co-founder of Map, and one of three top Instagram influencers who shared their insights about the power of visual storytelling […]

March Shines a Spotlight on Instagram Influencers – The SMCLA Instameet

SMCLA Instameet

Social Media Club LA is excited to participate in the Worldwide Instameet! Catch up on our last post, “What’s an InstaMeet?” to make sure you’re in the know. Instagram has become a part of our everyday lives – 70 million photos are posted per day on average. On Saturday, March 21, join us at Cross […]

What’s an InstaMeet?

As an avid Instagram user, I’m familiar with all of its community lingo. But it wasn’t until I was about to attend my first ever InstaMeet that I realized it’s not exactly a common topic. “Insta-what??” were my sister’s exact words to me. I had always loved the concept of Instagram and InstaMeets, and was blown […]