July 30 Speaker Spotlight: Julie Linn, VP of Compliance – Green Dot

Friends, meet Julie Linn, Vice President of Compliance at Green Dot. She is one of our featured speakers tonight at our Social Media in Regulated Industries event at the Yahoo! Community Center (26th & Broadway) in Santa Monica. Haven’t RSVP’d? It’s not too late. We’ve got a few tickets left! Without further ado, here’s Julie: […]

Guest Post: Did He Really Tweet That? How Investor Relations Officers Can Help the C-Suite Engage in Social Media

by Julie MacMedan, Vice President of Investor Relations, Demand Media You may have read about what I’d like to call “the tweet heard ‘round the world” – or at least, “the tweet heard ‘round the Street.”  On May 14, 2012, public company Francesca’s Holding Corporation announced the firing of its Chief Financial Officer based on […]

Speaker Spotlight: Serena Ehrlich, Director of Marketing – Mogreet

Have you RSVP’d to our July 30 panel on social media and regulated industries? Do it now. We have limited seating at Yahoo’s Community Center. Once they’re gone, they’re GONE. Go go go! You’ve seen her around the country. She’s spoken at many social media and digital conferences. You see her around town. You can’t […]

July 30 Speaker Spotlight: Erik Deutsch, Principal – Excel PR

Are you a company whose products cannot be tweeted or posted on Facebook without the FDA coming down on you? Are you a publicly-traded medical device company who needs PR help but also needs to tow the line with HIPAA and the SEC? What about the FTC? You’re in luck! SMCLA is hosting a panel […]

NEW DATE – July 30 – Social Media in Regulated Industries Event

Heads up! The date of our event, “Can I Tweet That? – Social Media in Regulated Industries” has been moved to Monday, July 30. We’ll be at the Yahoo! Community Center – 2400 Broadway – in Santa Monica! Same bat time (6:30PM), same bat channel (#SMCLA)!   RSVP now: http://smclajuly2012regulated.eventbrite.com/   See you soon! Tweet