Keeping It Real – Guest post by John Tabis of

 Social Media is one of the primary ways that brands can engage, service and sell to clients today, and for ShoeDazzle, it’s one of the hallmarks of our company and a large part of our DNA. We strive every day to deliver a relevant and authentic brand experience across our social platforms – centered on Facebook with our […]

Meet Your Social Media Club Los Angles Board: Join Us For Social Media Week

Meet Your Social Media Club Los Angles Board:  Join Us For Social Media Week  Social Media Club Los Angeles (SMCLA) is really excited to be a part of Social Media Week Los Angeles.  Social Media Week is a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media locally and globally. Their mission […]

Sept 24 Speaker Spotlight: Nicole DeRuiter – Social Media Manager, Fresh and Easy


Who’s got two thumbs and has a front row seat to this month’s Social Media Week LA/SMCLA collab on social media and retail/ecommerce? Me! Haven’t bought your ticket yet? Here’s the link – get your ticket now and avoid the hassle of at-the-door tickets: Need more motivation? Meet another of our speakers for Monday, […]

Making Customers So Happy Together – Guest Post by Nicole DeRuiter, Fresh & Easy

Making Customers So Happy Together – Tips on Working with a Customer Service Team as a Social Media Pro Working in social media, the first thing many social media pros come to realize is the true depth of the relationship that needs to form between a corporate social media practitioner or team and their colleagues […]

Sept 24 Speaker Spotlight: John Tabis –, VP of Strategy & Corporate Development


  SHOES! Kim Kardashian! Now that I have your attention…. have you bought your ticket to our Social Media and Retail event on Monday September 24 at Cross Campus? It’s time to do so. Meet John Tabis, the VP of Strategy and Corporate Development at Yep. Shoes + internet + monthly deliveries customized by […]