Event Recap: SMCLA’s Social Good Panel Takes Flight at Museum of Flying

SMCLA's Social Good panel (l - r): Liz Kelly, Mark Horvath, Chris Brereton, Alexis Henry and Nathan Havey.

The Museum of Flying was the perfect setting for SMCLA’s “Using Social Media for Social Good” event on April 17, just a few days before Earth Day. Moderator Christopher Brereton of Picture Healing invited audience participation from the start and the conversation between the panelists and more than 60 attendees took off from the moment […]

Can Socially Shared Video Really Change the World?

Absolutely! And you’ll learn plenty about socially shared video and other social media methods used to rally communities around meaningful causes at SMCLA’s panel this Wednesday, April 17. But, here’s a sneak preview of how two of our panelists use video and social media to create engagement and awareness around autism and homelessness. The video […]

SMCLA “Social Media for Social Good” panel on April 17

Ever since Social Media changed the digital landscape a decade ago, we have seen an astonishing number of societal developments take place around the globe. Remember the London Riots in 2011? Residents reclaimed their city by using social channels to organize a massive cleanup effort. During Hurricane Sandy, Corey Booker responded to residents in need […]