July Event: Save the World – How Non-Profits Are Nailing Social Media + Events

July 2015 event Non-profits and social media

Can social media change the world? From walks to pledge drives, we wondered how a non-profit brings their biggest events to their online communities. We’ve arranged a panel of non-profit leaders from the American Cancer Society, NPR, and Heal the Bay to discuss the ways, unique and universal, that non-profit organizations combine events with social […]

SMCLA “Social Media for Social Good” panel on April 17

Ever since Social Media changed the digital landscape a decade ago, we have seen an astonishing number of societal developments take place around the globe. Remember the London Riots in 2011? Residents reclaimed their city by using social channels to organize a massive cleanup effort. During Hurricane Sandy, Corey Booker responded to residents in need […]

Attend the Social Media for Nonprofits Conference – Guest Post by Social Media For Nonprofits

This guest post is brought to you by our partners at Social Media for Nonprofits. Do you know of a nonprofit organization that has been looking to add social media as a tool for communication and fundraising? The Social Media for Nonprofits team is holding an all-day conference on Monday, August 22nd at UCLA. They […]