Alyssa Curran

Toy Industry Content and Social Media Strategist

Alyssa Curran of Social Media ClubHow did you hear about SMCLA?

In 2011, I was still at Cal State Northridge studying journalism and working on my personal weight loss blog. I saw a panel featuring bloggers and knew I wanted to see what they had to say: so I paid my admission, attended, and loved everyone I met! For a long time after that, I didn’t join, but would pop into events I was interested in. Last year I was honored to be nominated and am now an Associate Director of Communications on the Social Media Club of Los Angeles Board of Directors.

What do you do for work?

I’m a Content Development Manager for MGA Entertainment, the creator of the #1 selling toy in America, LOL Surprise. I write the scripts for the popular toy unboxing shows, “Unboxed”. I also write animated content, develop character and brand stories, and advise on social strategy as it relates to our content, particularly with a focus on YouTube. I got my start in social media in the toy industry, but have worked in TV, nonprofit, live events, and the food industry before realizing getting paid to embrace my inner child is pretty great!

What do you love about Social Media?

I’ve long been amazed by the power of connection in social media, and even when organic reach has dwindled drastically, the fact that you can log onto a website and instantly be connected to millions of people with similar interests, feelings, and situations. I’ve both been a part of very, very close communities on social media, and managed them, so I like to think I have a unique experience in not only understanding social media as a passionate user, but from an industry standpoint as well. Plus – it’s fun! Even though our jobs are to connect BRANDS and PRODUCTS to social media, the very nature of social media is SOCIAL. It’s people first. It’s hearing what people have to say — and encouraging them to say it. It’s not always easy, but it is usually pretty fun.

How has social media club helped you with your work?

When I owned my own business, I was thrilled to be connected with lots of freelance opportunities through other SMCLA members. I also find that it’s always keeping me current with the latest trends and news in social media. I find out most of my tech and social news in the SMCLA Facebook group, and I love having a roster of experts in pretty much any sect of social media out there. Wanna be friends? Hit me up on LinkedIn, or let’s @ each other on Twitter!