SMCLAers, did you avoid the crowds on Black Friday this year? Did you let your fingers do the talking while sitting leisurely on your sofa today? If you’re like many Americans, you spent an average of $350-$500 between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (By the way, why do we still have to call today Cyber Monday? The word  “cyber” makes it so 1995.)

According to the Home Shopping Network (HSN) – yep, I just tagged them (booyah!) – many of you have gone straight to your mobile devices to do the shopping. Hands up – who bought items through their smartphone or tablet this year? Do you plan on buying while wireless?


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In addition to the shopping-via-mobile trend, the Clever Girls Collective adds that bloggers and social media continue to influence shoppers. The CGC surveyed their community and the results are below in the infographic. If you’re a large or small brand and you haven’t made friends with a blogger, maybe it’s time you did.


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