Our December 18th “Meet the Bloggers” event is coming your way quickly. If you haven’t picked up a ticket, you might want to do so soon.


Jessica Gottlieb – @jessicagottlieb

Let us entice you with a spotlight on our next guest speaker for the event – Jessica Gottlieb. Jessica gave me carte blanche to make up her bio, but let’s just go with the facts.

Jessica Gottlieb is a career blogger in Los Angeles. I call her a blogger who happens to be a mom and car enthusiast who doesn’t take shit from anyone. In the last half dozen years she has written for herself as well as other sites including National Lampoon, iVillage and Parenting Magazine. Nielsen has called her a Power Mom Blogger; she’s been on listed on Babble’s Top 50 Mom Blogs.  Jessica works with brands large and small to assist with messaging and blogger outreach.  Jessica can often be seen on CNN, HLN, Fox News and be sure to watch for her upcoming series Eavesdropping.

I’ve met Jessica a few times now but I’ve never had the opportunity to sit down and ask her questions about her blog. Looks like you and I are going to have that chance! Here are a few questions I’d float to her (and the panel):

  1. You’re a highly visible blogger. There is potential for backlash or trolls. Outside of saying the usual “grow thick skin,” how do you deal with them, and what is your advice for newbie bloggers who are facing their first troll?
  2. I’m sure brands come to you all the time asking you to cover a product or do a trial run somewhere. How are you filtering these invitations and requests?
  3. Let’s back up – how did the brands or PR pros find you (so they could pitch you)?
  4. Blogger press/media kit – yay or nay? (Even for niche bloggers or newbies?)
  5. How do you divide up your time living, blogging and using social media?
  6. What’re your favorite social media channels to use?

Got questions for Jessica and the rest of the panel? Take them with you when you visit us at Cross Campus on December 18!