It’s the last day of 2011. What have you done with the other 364 days? Where have you gone? Where will you go in 2012? Who will you reach out to?

I found Google’s video of the most searched topics to be a terrific “the world’s” year in review. Take a look and let me know what you think.

I asked our Board if they had any new year’s resolutions for 2012. A couple members shared theirs:

I have a New Year’s resolution to help my parents get “social”. I appreciate Klout and Windows Phone 7 for having sent me a Windows phone as a perk and so I gifted it to my mom for her birthday. I noticed that she really hasn’t been taking advantage of many smartphone features and so my new year’s resolution is to get closer to my parents by teaching them that there’s more to the Internet than forwarding PowerPoint email chain-letters. In getting them up to speed, I hope to also revisit some of the basics myself. – Garick Chan

spend more time bring w people and less time tweeting – Natalie Petouhoff

I’ve got one, too, and it’s similar to Garick’s. (Right on about the email chain letters, Garick!) My goal is to understand why some of my friends and family are still using their work email addresses to send out personal emails, and to educate them on why it’s not a good idea. (Even after all these years… they are still using work email.)

On behalf of SMCLA, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and we wish you a happy, productive and wired New Year!

Keep Calm and Tweet On