On January 7th, the members of Social Media Club Los Angeles (SMCLA) elected 22 officers to its Board of Directors for the 2014 term.

Social Media Club Los Angeles strives to produce monthly programming that educates, engages and energizes the Los Angeles area social media community. 2013 was an incredible year for our organization both in terms of programming and community involvement.  It was the first year we had a formal board of directors and we were able to lay the groundwork necessary to produce an ongoing range of social programs to meet the changing needs of our community members.

It has been an honor serving as SMCLA’s President and excited to continue on overseeing membership for both the national board and our own chapter’s. I am so proud of the accomplishments of our 2013 board, and look forward to surpassing their success in 2014 with a profoundly skilled team lead by my friend and social media expert, Madeline Wright.

Introducing the SMCLA 2014 Board of Directors.

Introducing the SMCLA 2014 board!

Introducing the 2014 Social Media Club Los Angeles Board of Directors team leads:

President                                           Madeline Wright
Programs Lead                                  AJ Feuerman
Communications Lead                        Victor Garcia
Membership Lead                              Serena Ehrlich
Venues Lead                                     Ross Felix
Sponsor Lead                                    Debra Dilger

And our Board of Director committee members:

Programs                                         Nicole DeRuiter
Programs                                         Stephen Harvey
Programs                                         William Zalokar
Communications                               Keith Pillow
Communications                               Justin Simon
Communications                               Clement J Bryant
Facebook Comm Manager                Jeremy Pepper
Membership                                     Nancy Tovar Huxen
Membership                                     Clint Schaff
Membership                                     Michel’le Roddy
Venues                                            Samantha Hosenkamp
Venues                                            Nick LaBran
Venues                                            Ross Prout
Sponsorship                                    Charles Miller
Sponsorship                                    Lindsay Tredent Mauch
Sponsorship                                    Ariel Rainey

Of course it doesn’t end there. We are always looking to expand the family tree. If you’re interested in volunteering with the board or at an event, click here to let us know!

Join us at our happy hour, Jan 21, at The Craftsman, in Santa Monica.

Join us at our happy hour, Jan 21, at The Craftsman, in Santa Monica.

And it wouldn’t be a new year’s celebration without cocktails! Please join the new board as the first chapter event of the year – a happy hour! The event will be at The Craftsman on January 21 from 6:30-9 PM.  We’re taking a break from our normal programming to do what we love best: get to know our members better. Bring your best handshake, smile, schmoozy opening line and business cards. Expect to hear some breaking news about the upcoming programming year as well as exciting new opportunities for members. The first 50 people to RSVP receive a free drink ticket so sign up today!