On December 8, 2014, the members of Social Media Club Los Angeles (SMCLA) elected a new Board of Directors for the 2015 term. The goal this year was to put on a slate of monthly programs to connect, educate, and inspire our membership of LA-based corporate social media professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals that would provide a better understanding of the value of using social media in today’s business environment. We’ve done that by hosting dozens of thought leaders in discussion around Los Angeles to discuss the hottest trends and provide historical insight into how social media has informed a variety of industries. We’ve fostered a forum for our community to come together to help and challenge each other to greatness. This year SMCLA also saw its largest ever Board of Directors tasked with making SMCLA the most engaged — and most awesome, IMHO– chapter in the Club!

It has been my pleasure and an honor to serve as your SMCLA’s Chapter President in 2014. I’ve enjoyed working with the Board and connecting with many leaders in the LA community who’ve genuinely expressed interest in working with SMCLA in the near future. To further enrich our amazing community I want to make that happen, and so I look forward to continuing on in a different role primarily focused on overseeing partnerships and sponsorships.

Presenting 2015 Board of DirectorsNow I would like to introduce you to your 2015 Chapter President, AJ Feuerman, and Board of Directors! Please click their names to read more about each member.

President – AJ Feuerman
Director of Operations – Lindsay Tredent Mauch
Director of Finance – Nancy Tovar Huxen
Communications Director – Jeremy Pepper
Membership Director – Michel’le Roddy
Programs Director – Nicole DeRuiter
Sponsorships Director – Madeline Wright
Venues Director – Nick LaBran

And our Associate Directors:

Programs – Ellen LuChelsea LeeWilliam Zalokar
Communications – Stephen HarveyClement J BryantL. Cacera Richmond
Venues – Erik Roithmayr
Sponsorship – Charles MillerLindsay Tredent MauchAri Sherman

If you’re interested in volunteering with the board or at an event, send an email to let us know! And be sure to grab your ticket to SMCLA’s Annual Holiday Celebration on Monday, December 15, to meet the new board in person! smclaholiday.eventbrite.com