Tweet word-cloud on screen during The Israel Conference

Tweet word-cloud on screen during The Israel Conference.

On May 30 and May 31, The Israel Conference convened in Los Angeles. Organizers invited members of the SMCLA board to check it out.

The yearly conference is designed to connect some of the most innovative Israeli companies and individuals with their counterparts in the United States. The conference showcased more than 60 Israel-connected companies in areas related to gaming, e-commerce, advertising, mobile, consumer, and entertainment. The event made good use of social media, sharing tweets and tweet word-clouds on screen, as well as including social media companies and consultants in the mix.

Social media luminary and entrepreneur Jeff Pulver was there to help host and sit on several panels. Pulver is well known in the social media community as the creator of the Twitter-centric 140 conference.

Jeff Pulver on Future Fest Panel

Jeff Pulver on Future Fest Panel.

Pulver is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) pioneer, who has written extensively on the subject, and was co-founder of Vonage, the VoIP company. He’s chairman of Zula, which is a stealth-mode startup launching later this year, focusing on “Revolutionizing Team Communication.”

Pulver was invited to join a group of stellar VCs and industry leaders to sit on the panel judging startups at The Israel Conference’s FutureFest, Where Hot Money Meets Cool Companies.

FutureFest presenters have five minutes to introduce their company, technology and products to judges in front of The Israel Conference audience. Qualified companies generated under $10 million in revenue in software, consumer products, mobile, advertising, clean-tech or medical technology. Each company must have a business relationship to Israel – corporate offices or R&D offices in Israel.

Debra Eckerling live-tweeting at The Israel Conference

Debra Eckerling (left) live-tweeting at The Israel Conference.

Also on hand at the event was Debra Eckerling, SMCLA member and moderator of two of our recent events. Debra moderated the Meet the Bloggers panel last December and also our February panel on Online Dating. She’s founder and CEO of both Write On Online and Guided Goals. In this photo, you can see her in good form, live-tweeting the event.

Some interesting companies presenting in Future Fest include several with social media connections:

Wonder Voice Mobile – Presented by Gal Melamed, Founder and CEO
Siri is great for for voice interaction with Apple software, but Siri will not help you interact with other mobile apps, like Facebook. Wonder Voice aims to step in where Siri leaves off. Wonder Voice allows you to interact with Facebook using your voice alone. So, you can access Facebook while you’re driving without breaking laws. That does not mean it’s safe to do, however.

Liron Sher, Co-Founder and CEO, Meetos

Liron Sher, Co-Founder and CEO, Meetos – SocialETA.

Meetos – SocialETA – Presented by Liron Sher, Co-Founder and CEO

SocialETA help you to plan meetings, get RSVPs and estimate travel time to your meetings using real-time data. The cross-platform mobile app also helps you to know when your friends will be arriving even when they’re bending the truth.

Zuznow – Presented by Rachel Levkovich, Co-Founder and VP Business Development

Zuznow is a platform for adapting websites for use on various mobile devices with an automated conversion engine and tools for customization. The software is designed to convert even complex websites into various versions for mobile, tablets, smart televisions and other devices. Zuznow uses CSS stylesheets to transform sites for each platform, saving time and money over comparable platforms.

Walkme – Presented by Tomer Hason, Director of Technology and Operations

Walkme provides a simple tool to help teach people how to use your site. Essentially, you can take them step-by-step through each task, with context-based menus. Tips appear in real-time, helping people to move one step at a time. Clients include Adobe, Autodesk, Zillow, and Live Person.

SQREAM Technologies – Presented by Ami Gal CEO

Sqream attempts to make big data analytics easier and more affordable with a novel approach. They use servers with GPUs rather than CPUs for orders of magnitude more powerful than conventional servers. They claim that a $15,000 server can match the performance of a $7 million dollar server.

Paperless Proposals – Presented by Laurence Abrams, CEO

Paperless Proposals offers a cloud-based solution for sharing proposals with prospective clients. Rather than sharing binders or PDFs, you are able to share a simple weblink that leads to a customized presentation. The presentation can have videos, websites and interactives, in addition to text and images. All activity on the site is tracked, so you know exactly when and what your clients are looking at.

Hoozin – Presented by Arnon Joseph, Co-Founder and CEO

Hoozin provides a platform for social gaming that’s not just centered around one single game. It’s designed around a social network in which people can play multiple games with friends, all from a single app (instead of a new app for each game).