PublikDemand is looking to fill the position of Social Media Architect.

About the Company:
PublikDemand is a platform that enables consumers to start viral complaints against companies. We build support around their complaint by finding others that have the same issue. After we reach critical mass, we take the complaint to the offending business and give them the opportunity to solve the problem. If they are unwilling or unable to fix the issue we contact a competitor to see if they can resolve the complaint.

About the Position:
We understand that our community is going to be a key factor in our success. Therefore, we’re looking for a new team-member that can focus on building out that community, a community architect not a community manager. One of the more interesting avenues we’d like to investigate with our community is having them crowd-source alternatives and/or solutions for demands. That way people can recommend a new business that we can broker an offer from, or maybe the community can create new and novel solutions to the problems.

What you need to know:

  1. PublikDemand is located in Mountain View/Palo Alto, CA.
  2. Please send your resumé and cover letter to:
  3. Feel free to reach out to co-founder, A.T. Fouty, at @suckaplease.