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The Los Angeles Development Fund (LADF) recently redesigned its website and launched its pages in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The LADF is soliciting the services of a qualified consultant to manage LADF’s social media marketing program and to maintain LADF’s website. These services are to be performed in accordance with the provisions contained in the RFP (follow the link).

The LADF is a California nonprofit corporation created by the City of Los Angeles to apply for and administer the City’s New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) program. The LADF is a certified Community Development Entity (CDE), which received a $75 million NMTC allocation in the 2007 round, a $50 million NMTC allocation in the 2011 round, and a $50 million NMTC allocation in the 2015-16 round. The controlling entity of the LADF is the City of Los Angeles. The LADF uses its tax credit allocation to generate investment capital which is used to provide flexible financing to eligible borrowers to build economic development projects in low-income communities throughout the City
of Los Angeles.