Friends, meet Julie Linn, Vice President of Compliance at Green Dot. She is one of our featured speakers tonight at our Social Media in Regulated Industries event at the Yahoo! Community Center (26th & Broadway) in Santa Monica. Haven’t RSVP’d? It’s not too late. We’ve got a few tickets left! Without further ado, here’s Julie:

Julie is a self-proclaimed tech nerd. Without any natural talent for technology, she works hard to keep her skills in shape, often training for hours on end in front of her computer on the weekends. All of this hard work paid off when she has repeatedly been tasked to oversee social media compliance for a long run of employers (well, at least as long as social media has been around).

It was a long path from law school to digital native. A path which took a temporary stop in DC at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, some time in corporate defense litigation, and a smattering of securities compliance, Julie finally ended up at a little company called PayPal, which at the time, had recently been purchased by a slightly larger company called eBay. During her 5 years with eBay as legal counsel and head of U.S. regulatory compliance, she quickly became familiar with the unique challenges of online compliance. From marketing representations to acceptable use, there was plenty to monitor. With little statutory guidance or regulator inquiry, the largest risk was often reputational. This served her well in future gigs as social media became marketing du jour for corporate self-promotion. After several years in private practice during the boom of alternative money services, she eventually became a Divisional Compliance Director for Walmart. Scale is always an issue with the world’s largest retailer, and so was true with their social media strategy. With each Walmart store given the liberty to manage their own individual Facebook site, Julie’s position became ever more critical. Most recently, Julie moved to California to become Vice President of Regulatory Compliance for Green Dot. Green Dot’s regulatory landscape is unprecedented, as Green Dot Corporation became the first prepaid card company to obtain Bank Holding Company status when the organization received authorization to purchase a bank at the end of 2011. Julie provides compliance oversight for both the prepaid services as well as for the bank.

Julie attended Pepperdine University and received a Master’s in Quantitative Analysis and a Juris Doctorate, as one of two Dean’s Merit Scholars.

Got questions about social media and financial services? Julie is the woman! We’ll see you tonight!