Social Media is one of the primary ways that brands can engage, service and sell to clients today, and for ShoeDazzle, it’s one of the hallmarks of our company and a large part of our DNA. We strive every day to deliver a relevant and authentic brand experience across our social platforms – centered on Facebook with our 2 million fans, but also on our other rapidly-growing outlets like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and our company blog, The Platform (

For our clients, we do our best to keep these experiences fresh, informative and relevant. While there are a large number of ways to engage across social, we’ve explicitly honed in on those that support our brand vision and deliver value to clients in the form of trend-spotting, product detail or “How To Wear It” advice, and even client service.

A prime example of bringing our brand of highly attainable high fashion to a mass, nationwide audience, is our recent trip to Fashion Week and the accompanying social experience (#NYFW, #DAZZLEFW) we executed in parallel. Our team of crack Social Specialists, along with a team of creatives featuring
stylists, videographers, and our Creative Director, hit the streets of New York for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and all of the glitz and glamour that goes along with it. It was truly a team effort, bringing together key members from across the company to feature ongoing, up-to-the-minute fashion styling and news content from Fashion Week to our audiences.

And the results were phenomenal. We saw 5-25% increases in Followers vs the previous week, we had over 40 Million impressions, and we saw double-digit engagement increases as well. You can view our series of videos on our YouTube channel at, follow the action on our
@ShoeDazzle Twitter feed (#DazzleFW), read about it on our blog at, or check out amazing New York styles at

We were able to provide live coverage of street style, behind the scenes access, and interviews with visitors and tastemaker via text, video and images. All of this reinforced our brand positioning and brought great fashion, trend and styling tips to our loyal follower base of 2 million+ fashionistas, all from the biggest fashion event of the year.

Keeping it real is a challenge in a constantly-evolving world like social media, but as our Fashion Week undertaking shows, it’s the best and only way to engage clients in a way that builds the brand.


John Tabis is the VP of Strategy at Tweet him at @j_tabis!