Chris here. Siri and Majel aren’t the only ones trying to smarten up your phones. App developers, coders, software engineers and the like are creating systems and mobile technology that they are going to soup up your already-smart smartphone. One of the companies working on making your phone work a little harder (and thereby you’re not working as hard) is Yowza!! David Teichner, CEO of Yowza!!, shares his thoughts on Yowza!! and mobile coupons. Read On!

Making smartphones smarter…how mobile coupons are empowering consumers and businesses

Despite the challenging economy, today’s consumers continue to invest in technology, and smartphones are no exception.  According to Juniper Research, over one billion smartphones will be sold annually by 2016.

What’s driving the growth? Convenience and efficiency. We all know the saying “time is money,” and the same applies here.  With real-time access to directions, the best reviewed restaurants in town, competitive pricing information and everything in between, savvy smartphone users are getting things done quicker and at a better price than those without.  Thus, despite the relatively high cost of these mobile devices, individuals see them as a tool that will save them time and money in the long haul.

One segment of the market that is taking off with the rise of smartphones is mobile coupons, which enable consumers to easily access relevant savings without having to waste hours sifting through newspapers and cutting out paper coupons, printing out coupons found online or remembering to bring the coupons to the retailer.  Yowza!!, a free GPS-based app available on iPhones and Androids, provides consumers with mobile coupons based on their location.

For instance, imagine running several errands, which include getting the car washed, finding a new pair of shoes and picking up dry cleaning.  You launch the Yowza!! app, find coupons for those items in your neighborhood, and in between the car wash and shoe-shopping, you redeem an offer for a quick lunch at half price.

And just as these mobile coupons are benefitting the consumer, they are also helping businesses. Now retailers can reach consumers where they spend virtually ALL of their time – on their smartphones.  They can create offers designed to bring in new clients, as well as those designed to keep current customers coming back.  It’s quick, easy and cost-effective – no printing costs or long lead times involved. And importantly, the offers are reaching consumers in the immediate vicinity of the business, which means no impressions are wasted.

Bottom line: better mobile technology brings consumers and businesses together and everybody wins – consumers save, businesses grow.


David Teichner is the CEO of Yowza!! You can ask David more about mobile technology, coupons, the future for Yowza!! and what it’s like to work for an actor tonight at our SMCLA Mobile Event at the ING DIRECT LA Cafe. See you there!