Are you ever truly prepared for a crisis? What lessons can be learned from COVID-19? We invited three social media practitioners to share their own experiences of how they prepared for and continue to deal with this current pandemic.

Our panelists work in higher education and tourism, and in both cases, they had heard rumors early on, which allowed them the time to prepare a plan. It’s important that brands work with their social media team in times of crisis – they know their audience best, and can anticipate how they will react.

How do you know when it’s a crisis that needs your response? Our current situation is something that everyone is affected by, most in a very serious way. This is why we’re hearing from any brand we’ve ever given an email to. But not all crises are created equal, and if it’s something that doesn’t impact your brand, you probably don’t need to weigh in.

But right now the whole world is impacted by crisis, so what should your company do? What’s the right tone to take? Is humor ever appropriate?

Our panelists answered those questions and a lot more. We’ve posted the full webinar to our YouTube page. Special thanks to our panelists, and to our moderator Tara Coomans.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.