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Do you watch the local KTTV Fox news? Do you visit the Fox News website and their social channels? Guess who manages the digital strategy behind Fox Television stations in LA? One of our Social TV speakers!

Patrick O'Brien, Digital Director of KTTV Fox TV Stations

Meet Patrick O’Brien. Patrick is an Emmy award-winning digital director at FOX Television Stations here in Los Angeles. He directs the strategies for all web, mobile and social platforms operated by KTTV and also works with the FOX Television Stations group.

He is new to Los Angeles after spending time in Washington DC at Gannett/USAToday on social media initiatives at both the corporate and local levels. For many years, he has been in the thick of the evolution TV has made from traditional to social media and helps lead social media efforts for the properties he manages.

He is a mobile app junkie (and can’t stop talking about Evernote).  He received a double bachelors degree in media/marketing from Webster University in St. Louis and is enjoying his new Hollywood digs.

Chris here.

So… Evernote… he’s my kind of guy! Back to the topic at-hand. Who here still watches the news on TV? Who gets their news from the internet? From mobile apps? From Twitter? All of the above?

I’d like to know from Patrick:

– Many of us find out about the news via Twitter (or another social channel). How is regular TV news competing against social media? What are traditional news channels doing to embrace social channels and not kill their “viewership” on regular TV? Does it matter?

– How are you measuring success? Are there metrics that you are using to prove (if you still have to) that social platforms are working FOR traditional news outlets?

– Are you hiring for the summer? Graduating college seniors want to know.

Tune in on Wednesday May 23 at the Edmunds.com headquarters and listen to what Patrick has to say about my questions AND OTHER QUESTIONS BY YOU!