Nancy Tovar Huxen

Dirrector of Finance

Nancy oversees social media at Comerica Bank (and is the bank’s first social media executive). Her primary focus is to lead and manage Comerica-branded social media channels, including advancing the company’s social media engagement strategies and online branding. Previously, she served as the bank’s regional corporate communications manager (California). Prior to joining Comerica, Nancy was a public affairs manager at Kaiser Permanente, where she worked on several high-profile media events, such as the grand opening of the Downey Medical Center and the birth of the Suleman Octuplets. She has worked for several Fortune 100 companies, including Verizon Communications and Ford Motor Company, where she helped introduce the Ford Focus to the U.S. market and announce the company’s relocation of its Lincoln Mercury division to Southern California.

Nancy received my bachelors of arts in Political Science and Economics from San Diego State University and MBA from Pepperdine University, and is a Southern California Leadership Network fellow (Leadership Southern California). She currently sit on a few boards, including SMCLA, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce “World Trade Week,” and Pro-GTL Industry Advisory committee.

Why are you involved in SMCLA: I like the people at SMCLA.

Fun fact: I started my career as a political consultant.