Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco

Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco

Name: Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco

Company: Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective, a Division of Padma Media, Inc.

Title: Founder

Most exciting or meaningful work project: Creating the first Lifestyle Blogger Conference.

I learned about SMCLA from: Serena Ehrlich

I joined SMCLA because: I want to learn and network with social media leaders.


L.A. hangout: The balcony of my humble Westside abode.
L.A. sports team: Wait? We have a sports team?
Charity: Project Angel Food
Movie about L.A.: Without a doubt, “Valley Girl,” because whether we want to admit it or not, The Valley is still a part of Los Angeles.
Blogs: I am sworn to secrecy by the many bloggers that I adore and call my personal friends.
Social media channel: My guilty pleasure is (don’t judge!).
Other: I can. Not. Live. Without.

Where can we find you?

Twitter: @LatinaPRpro (personal) @LatinaLifestyle and @PadmaMedia (work)

In the future (2014 and beyond), I predict social media will: be more narrowly focused on user-generated/created interests.

I’d like to see a future SMCLA panel on: Multi-ethnic blogging (and pick me as a moderator or panelists – I will help curate this panel).

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