Dallas Linda Delnevo

Dallas Linda Delnevo

Your Name: Dallas Linda Delnevo

Your School: Santa Barbara City College

Your School Year: First-year student for Alcohol/Drug Counseling Certificate

Your most meaningful project: My most meaningful production was to become a mom! After more than 10 years in the music industry, I became a mom and moved to Santa Barbara from LA last year. My daughter just turned 2, and although I still have one foot in music production, I am excited to obtain a certificate in Drug/Alcohol Counseling.

I learned about SMCLA from: Liz Kelly, social media guru, whom I met at a MusiCares seminar.

I joined SMCLA because: I want to stay on top of social media developments and network with like-minded people.


LA charity: MusiCares

Where can we find you?

Twitter handle: @heartmissworld (contact to be added to Dallas’ network)
Facebook: dallaslindadelnevo (contact to be added to Dallas’ network)

In the future, I predict social media will: continue to expand.

I’d love to see a future SMCLA panel on: A beginners/intermediate panel on Twitter, how to use it, and the opportunity to practice.