Your name: Debra Eckerling

Your company: Guided Goals

Your title: Goal Coach & Freelance Project Manger

Most exciting or meaningful work project: I help people define their goals and make a plan to achieve them. Then, I hold them accountable. The excitement starts when my clients see the finish line, whether they are writing a book, starting a blog, or launching a business.

I learned about SMCLA from: I have been a fan of SMCLA for a while. And I moderated two panels for SMCLA in the last year.

I joined SMCLA because: I won! I filled out the post-event questionnaire and my name was chosen.


LA hangout? Coffeehouses. I am fortunate to be in walking distance of several different options.
LA sports teams? Since there’s no LA football, I root for my college football teams – University of Wisconsin – Madison Badgers and University of Nebraska – Lincoln Cornhuskers.
Charity? The American Heart Association
Movie about LA? “LA Story”
Blogs? Too many to choose just one.
Social media channel? I spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and am also integrating G+ into my life.
Other? I am co-hosting #140la13: The Rise of Listening in the Era of Social Media, along with conference-founder Jeff Pulver, this Monday, Sept. 23, at Cross Campus. Should be informative … and a lot of fun! Details here:

Where can we find you?

Twitter handles: @GuidedGoals, @WriteOnOnline
LinkedIn URL:
Facebook URL:,,

In the future (2014 and beyond), I predict social media will: integrate more live events along with online communication.

I’d like to see a future SMCLA panel on: using video to promote your brand.