Stephen Harvey

Stephen Harvey

Your name: Stephen Harvey

Your company: Harvester Solutions

Your title: Social Media Wrangler

Most exciting or meaningful work project: I am currently working with the ILWU Credit Union. We engage with Longshoremen via the Credit Union’s Facebook Page on a daily basis.

I learned about SMCLA from: I am a member of SMC Greenville, S.C., back east. When I moved to LA a few months ago, I turned to SMC national to find a local chapter out here in LA.

I joined SMCLA because: I need and love to be around like-minded professionals so I can stay on top of my career. Social media folks also tend to be fun and like to do cool things, so that is very appealing too.


LA hangout: I instantly gravitated to Long Beach when I moved out to Southern California. The downtown Long Beach Pike area has lots of good restaurants and everything is accessible by foot (not driving in LA and not having to find parking are appealing to a transplant person). I hang out here a lot.
Social media channel: I tend to gravitate to Foursquare as my personal go-to channel. It’s the channel that I use on my phone everywhere I go.
Other: Besides being a social media and marketing junkie, I LOVE motorsports…open wheel racing series in particular (i.e. Formula 1 and Indy car series).

Where can we find you? 

Twitter handle: @harvester_sol and @SC_WordPress
LinkedIn URL:
Facebook URL:

In the future, I predict social media will: be considered just another tool for marketing to utilize in order to connect and engage with audiences. It will remain important, but social media will just be considered another marketing channel like magazines, TV, billboards, websites, etc.

I’d like to see a future SMCLA panel on: how motorsport teams are utilizing social media and other digital channels/platforms for connecting and engaging with fans.