Mike Rotman – @mikerotman

You’ve got a few more days to RSVP to our October event – the Art of Social Media Writing – on Tuesday, October 23rd at Cross Campus LA in Santa Monica. Come on guys, it’s only $10 with light food and refreshments.  We keep our ticket prices affordable so you can attend without breaking the bank. If that’s not enough, here’s a spotlight on our fourth guest speaker, Mike Rotman.

Meet Mike Rotman.  He’s currently the Head of Production at Big Frame (BAMMO)  and an Emmy-nominated TV Writer/producer (Politically Incorrect), Producer of Streamin’ Garage, Stupid For Movies, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, X-Factor, Stripped Down Live with Curt Smith. He has produced hundreds of hours of television during his career including The Simple Life, Strip Poker, South Park, and Nanny 911.

What I’ve found funny are his Stupid for Movies and Stupid for Game of Thrones shows. I laughed my ass off watching their “In Memoriam” tribute to GoT Season 2’s character deaths. (Warning – If you haven’t read A Clash of Kings or watched S2, then I suggest you wait.)

If you’re less of a social media manager and more of a content creator, you need to meet Mike. Make the drive to Santa Monica next Tuesday evening, meet our four panelists, and get tips on creating content that sticks and writing for impact.

See you there!