Pioneers in our own right, SMCLA loves to work with other revolutionary brands looking to build awareness.  OM Cocktails is no exception! We are so grateful to everyone at OM for their contributions to our Holiday event on December 18! - @OMCocktails – @OMCocktails

OM Cocktails is the world’s first organic, mixology inspired ready-to-pour cocktail. It’s made using organic vodka, natural extracts and flavors, organic agave nectar, and coloring from fruits and veggies. They also use non-toxic water based inks on the labels which are printed at a carbon neutral wind-powered facility. They use glass reduced eco-bottles and a 75% post consumer recycled shipping case. And, if that isn’t enough, each cocktail is 150 calories or less.  The brand has truly earned it’s nickname as the enlightened cocktail!

OM was started in Southern California and has gained considerable momentum over the last few months. It is now available in Whole Foods, Gelson’s and other great local stores including Vicente Foods, Wally’s Wine and Vendome Wine and Spirits in Beverly Hills. They continue to seek opportunities to share this brand with the community and have teamed up with a number of organizations including Green Drinks, the Sustainable Business Council, and YogaWorks.

SMCLA and SMBLA would like to extend our thanks to the entire “OM” team and wish them a happy holiday! Thank you for teaming up with us for an amazing holiday event! For more information on OM Cocktails you can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook!