On Podcasts: An Evening With Ralph Garman

April 23 · General Assembly Santa Monica

Whether you’re a brand representative or thought leader, chances are, you’ve thought about podcasting – either producing one, being on one or advertising in one and why not? The New York Times recently cited that Podcasts are expected to generate $514M in ad sales this year, a sum projected to rise to $659M in 2020. But how does someone enter this vast space and get even a sliver of the audience or the revenue? Subscription-based businesses are hot at the moment, but analysts say consumers will begin pushing back so how DO you what about building a podcast audience and retention? There are hundreds of tools, devices, platforms and choices. What basic, physical items are even required to create a podcast? What can you realistically expect in the first year and what should your benchmarks for growth be?

Join Social Media Club as we sit down with one of iTunes’ Top 20 podcasters, Ralph Garman, who, in addition to co-hosting “Hollywood Babble-On” for nine years with filmmaker Kevin Smith, is a year into his own daily show, “The Ralph Report.” We’ll talk honestly about the challenges of this growing industry and learn how Ralph has navigated his own journey to end up in the space.

Allyson Marino of Lipstick and Vinyl

Our Moderator

Allyson Marino is a long time veteran of the radio and podcast marketing industry. Her company, Lipstick & Vinyl is devoted to empowering female voices in podcasting because people like people who sound like them.

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