You lost the Facebook algorithm war, now what?  On April 17, we had a panel to help us answer that. We’re going to pat ourselves on the back and say that it was a GREAT panel!

Who was there?
Bryanna Duca – Social Media Strategist, Buzzfeed
Klaus Badelt –  Founder, Filmhub / @kbadelt
Chris Strickland – Social Media Manager, Jam City / @StrickRoss, @JamCityHQ
Bill Palmatary – Aerial West Films / @aerialwestfilms

…plus moderator and Social Media Club board member Megan Neal, VP of Social Media, TEN: A Discovery Communications Company / @MeganNeal, @motortrend

What did we learn?

  • The more the Facebook algorithm changes, the more it stays the same. Some things, anyway. It’s still important to engage with your audience, create advocacy, and test and measure your KPIs.  Pay to play is still alive and well, so keep those ad spends going.
  • Try longer videos.  Buzzfeed’s Tasty channels saw 90 second videos perform better than the 30 second videos that performed better in the previous Facebook algorithm. Why might this be? Because this particular recipe video lingered over the parts that people seemed to really care about, allowing them to salivate and enjoy that food porn.
  • It’s time to take a look at Facebook Watch. No, this isn’t hardware for your wrist (yet). This is Facebook’s shiny new object, their video on demand service. Will it faze out Facebook Live?  Bryanna Duca from Buzzfeed said they didn’t see a large return on their Facebook Lives, so they’ve switched their strategy to Facebook Watch. “If you have any long form content, throw it up on Facebook Watch.”
  • Pinterest is totally underused. If your brand has a blog related to lifestyle (food, fashion, travel), Jam City’s Chris Strickland recommends Pinterest, pointing out that a Facebook post dies after an hour, but a Pinterest board keeps on giving. Seek out Group boards.
  • Collaborate with other brands. Bill Palmatary from Aerial West Films sees a lot of engagement and traffic from collaboration. “No one is your enemy, and everyone is your friend, even if you overlap a bit.”
  • Bottom line: Klaus Badelt from Filmhub said it’s time to go back to storytelling and focusing on content.  We probably shouldn’t have lost focus on that in the first place.

Thank you to our panelists and to our sponsors: Fruit Bliss, Good Farms, and Core Hydration!

Join us for our next panel May 21st, on email marketing. (Did you know that email still delivers the highest ROI for marketers? #fact.)