The July 13th Social Media Club Panel on “Citizen Journalism” (7pm – 9pm at the Mahalo offices in Santa Monica) will feature an awesome panel of new and traditional media representatives ready to answer some of our most pressing questions about where it’s all headed and what we can do about it.

  • What is “citizen journalism”?
  • How has the spread of social media affected how we get the news? How news is reported?
  • What is a citizen’s responsibility to the general public if they are a first-person account of a newsworthy event?
  • Is investigative journalism dead as we know it? Who will pick up where it left off? How will it be funded?
  • What kind of affect has social media had on the overall quality of news that we’re exposed to daily?
  • What are some of the things social media can do for news/journalism to make it better, more thorough, more engaging?
  • What steps can someone take to ensure that they are getting accurate news? Where are the best sources of citizen journalism?
  • What have we learned from #IranElection about social media and journalism?

Confirmed panelists include:
LA Times – David Sarno (@dsarno) – LA Times Internet Writer
LA Weekly – Alexia Tsotsis (@alexiatsotsis) – LA Weekly Lifestyle & Technology Writer (moderator) – Andy Sternberg (@andysternberg) – News Editor

Gagnier/Margossian and Realpolitech ( – Christina Gagnier (@gagnier) Partner