Publishing 2.0The publishing industry has undergone massive disruptions in recent years – from the advent of online book sales, to the closing of bookstore and the growth of ebooks. We are in the early stages of a total transformation of the inner workings of publishing.

Social media has transformed the way books are marketed and sold. Now, social media is even transforming the way books are made, with crowdsourced teams and publishing platforms that are as easy to use as WordPress is for blogging.

At our next SMCLA panel, on Tuesday, May 21, at 6:30 p.m., at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, we’ll discuss how these changes affect publishers, bloggers, social media professionals and consumers with four expert panelists who are deeply involved in the Publishing 2.0 revolution:

  • Nolan Bushnell, Serial Entrepreneur, Founded Brainrush, Atari, Chuck E. Cheese, Etak, ByVideo, Axlon, uWink. Author of new book, “Finding The Next Steve Jobs” released via Net Minds
  • Tim Sanders, CEO Net Minds Publishing, Author, Speaker
  • Mark Jeffrey, Cofounder & Chief Product Officer at Glossi, Author and CEO & CoFounder ThisWeekIn, Inc.
  • Babette Pepaj, Founder at BakeSpace, Inc, creator of Cookbook Cafe, a DIY publishing platform
Moderating the panel is Marsha Collier – author of 42 books, including Social Media Commerce for Dummies.
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We’d like to thank our event sponsors:
  • Cross Campus – for generously donating space for the event
  • Pizza Antica – for this month’s drawing giveaway – $20 gift cards!
  • Peddler’s Creamer – serving up delicious bicycle-churned organic dairy and non-dairy ice cream for all attendees
  • The Rise and Fall of Books, a documentary film – for this month’s drawing giveaways, including T-shirts, posters and DVDs!

This month, SMCLA and TechZulu are partnering to celebrate “United We Share, a month-long celebration of the seventh anniversary of the founding of the international Social Media Club. All month long, we will unite in shining a spotlight on the international community, including livestreaming this event on publishing.

RSVP today and join us for this informative panel (plus food and drink).